Kalif Raymond appreciation thread

This guy plays so hard and has been such an asset for us. I’m glad we got him and this dude is a player for sure! Love how he plays


I told my wife today during the game, Khalif Raymond has an impact play or two every week… and he’s a huge WR culture guy.


Kalif is a top 10 returner in the nfl…prove me wrong!


Heck yeah he is!! Excellent analysis and you are absolutely on point


Plus he might be the best 5th wr in the league. He isnt just a return guy hiding as a wr

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I’d also say he’s a top 10 backup WR. This dude has been plugged in the starting lineup quite a few times. Always makes his catches, always does his job, he’s just a solid, solid guy and if we keep him as a 4/5 WR he’s a real weapon


Absolutely! He can step on and start and be effective.

Complete stud on special teams and can play WR when you need it. I’m impressed.

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For sure.

And he had some nice punt returns today!!!

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He’s already signed for next season on a cheap deal too. He’s a solid depth WR who is a good returner, and who you can create a play or two for every week and know he’ll do something with it. Whether it’s an end around or bubble screen or whatever - he’s an asset and the sort of glue guy that I know helps winning.


He has shown he can start and produce in a pinch as well. Deepest group in the NFL and one of the top WR groups in the NFL.

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sure love reading that

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