Kalif Raymond is going to play


That good. Everybody loves Raymond.


:crossed_fingers:I hope.

Ben could low-key game plan for 'Leaf. He’s dangerously open all the time as it is.

At the risk of detailing the thread, I really want a Jamo coming out party here.


DPJ has been coming on, of late.
I keep hearing about the Tampa WR’s.
St., LaPorta, JRey, Lif, Jamo, DPJ…Gibbs.:rofl:
There just aren’t enough snaps, especially when you have two 1,000 yard rushers. (Yeah. Yeah. Don’t bore me with details.)

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Well played

Take It Easy Ok GIF by TV Land

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well…not just raymond.

sexy everybody loves raymond GIF by TV Land


# Debra Cleavage at the PTA

I sure hope so. After all his hard work and hustle, he deserves to play.

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my favorite episode of that series. she is such a smokeshow next door type.

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Kudos to Dan for not resting starter. We’re near to full health (Moseley, Houston). Thats huge in Playoffs.

Im curious to see how the 49ers look this weekend. Some of those guys haven’t played a snap in 3 weeks.

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Raymond didn’t practice today now I don’t know if everybody love Raymond

Sorry guys can’t love Raymond anymore

Lions are spoiled on the OL and skill positions right now! Plus Johnson and Goff. No defense should be able to stop us.


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