Kareem Hunt suspended 8 games

Sounds like Kareem Hunt might end up getting shopped around after the Browns saw the lengthy suspension he got.

Why shop him? It was pretty well known that he was getting 6 to 8 games. Plus they have Chubb and Duke so they don’t exactly need him right away unless they end up being injury plagued. He’ll be fresh for their assumed playoff push at the end of the year.

$975K for 8 games of Kareem Hunt.


Plus, he’s a RFA next year, so the Browns hold his rights for the next 2 years at next to nothing.

I actually thought he would get a longer suspension. Browns got a steal.

Wow. I didn’t realize how cheap the Browns were getting Kareem Hunt for. I didn’t know he was a RFA, either. That’s a really good deal for the Browns.

The Chiefs cut him. He was a FA when Cleveland got him.

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What are you trying to say?

And? I’m not sure why you’re making this point.

He was cheap because he’s troubled, and he’s an RFA now, because the Browns jumped to sign him when the Chief’s cut him.

He would’ve been a RFA either way… He’s played less than 4 years. I guess I don’t see where you were going with your original comment :man_shrugging: anyway, the Browns are getting value at every turn it seems like.

It’s okay, we’ll both survive.

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This is a free ride for the Browns. Not only do they not have to pay him during his suspension, but he doesn’t even take up a roster spot.

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