Kayvon Thibodeaux: Jets Are 'Really Interested' in Drafting Me

If Travon Walker goes No. 1 overall, they might get the chance.

The cynic in me says KT wants this so he can build his “brand” in The Big Apple.


A trade down to #10 for one of the Jets two 2nd round picks makes a lot of sense for both teams.

The Jets could add some serious pressure off the edge with Tibbs at 2 & then turn around and take the best CB with Sauce. Those would be two serious up grades for their defense.

The Lions would be giving up too much according to the trade charts probably, but adding an extra 2nd and still having a chance to grab a number of players at 10 OR even trade down again would be amazing for the Lions.

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That’s not even close to the compensation the Lions should get for moving down 8 picks. Not even in the same stratosphere really.


From 2 to 10 better be both seconds and next years first.


A lot of people would probably be interested if you’d keep your yap shut.

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Perfect. Let him go to the Jets.


We need to resign ourselves to the fact that we are not going to get #2oa value out of the #2oa pick, unless the Jags pass on Hutch.
That’s just this draft. At least it’s deep with contributors.


5, Jets 2nd, Jets 2nd next year.

Then I’d look to flip 5.