Keep Goff for at least one more year

Goff’s win on that last drive was eye opening. I wanted him gone until that. Getting his confidence back should be number 2. Number one should be pass rush.
I’m afraid once we get a pass rush, most of the young CB’s will leave for bigger contracts. Should lock them down. Don’t care if they’re injured. CB’s cost money.

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I think from a contractual standpoint, they don’t have much of a choice.

And his last drive hardly is recompense for an otherwise horrific season. Dude can’t throw.


There is simply no realistic scenario that benefits the Lions as much as Jared Goff regaining some to all of his form. Regardless of one’s feelings on whether or not he can accomplish this, I think this can be fairly universally agreed upon.

To that end, the risk / reward scenario of sticking with him for 2022 is strongly in favor of going into the season with him as the starter.

Doing this allows the team to spend all of its resources improving the rest of the team. Getting a legit WR corps and adding key pieces to the defense needs to be done one way or the other, so doing them now makes sense.

Best case scenario, between having an actual WR corps, a healthy line, and a supportive running game, Goff looks like the Pro Bowler he was in LA. No wasted picks or money on another QB, and the team is ready to go after it hard.

Worst case scenario, Goff shits his britches again and is clearly the problem. So you spend resources in the 2023 draft to go get your quarterback. That doesn’t set you back any further than spending resources on QB in 2022 and then having to address the other parts you skipped in 2023.

Anywhere in between? You’ve got options. You can win games and establish a culture if Goff ends up being of the Alex Smith / Kirk Cousins type. The team can call their shot and make a move when it suits them rather than being forced into something.

Unless Holmbell has some proprietary knowledge that Goff is unfixable, I suspect this is the tack they’ll take.


That Deshaun Watson CAP has gotta hurt!


He should and will absolutely stay one more season. Doesn’t mean he should be the starter. If he beats out the young guy, or new Vet, fine. I love the idea of him as backup QB for a year.

Deshaun has a knack for causing “hurt” these days.

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Yep - as it’s stated when we got him and nothing has changed since….

He is here for 2022 - period.

What’s still open imho is drafting a QB

As fans, I’m reading that the majority here are not for it…. And I’m in that group as a non-expert.

But, what do the scouts see and say about this class? What does leadership and the coaches see and think?

If they see a Mac Jones type QB left on the board when we draft and that AB is rated strong enough…. Then what?

I’m curious for the draft to happen and see happens…

This draft you could see it coming…. Mac Jones falling and boom BB grabs him and his now having a great rookie season….

But we could sit him if Goff isn’t injured in 2022…. And we will be in full draft mode this second year and consistency with the core group of players and coaches….

Yep?! That stupid thing called Hope 2022 is already happening in me!!! :crazy_face::+1::pray::upside_down_face::heart: