Keep this offense together.. pay Jonah!!

unless Jonah wants something outrageous pay him pay Glasgow pay dpj pay Goff pay Reynolds … put all the money on the offense draft defense . Imho this could be a dynasty

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Too many big contracts coming up. I don’t think he’ll get paid. His health is concerning too

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I mean we sure are getting use to not having him this year. The offense still been very good when he’s been out.

Only at the right price.

This pretty much

if he wants a big deal, idk if he will get it here tbh

St Brown and Goff should be done now, 5th year used on Sewell

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If anything Jackson’s absences this year have proved that we don’t need him. Sorsdal, Awosika or a rookie will come in at least $10m cheaper than Jackson, and he’s not $10m better than any of them.

Holmes can’t pay everyone. ARSB, Sewell and Goff are the priorities.


I thought Sorsdal did a great job yesterday.


He held his own. Dude has now played LG, RG and RT this year. He’s clearly a smart dude. That is extremely difficult to do…especially as a rookie


So… Hutch, Branch, Anzalone, Alim, Joseph, etc. - so letting at least several of them go when the time comes and replacing them with draft pix is the price you’re willing to pay when the time comes to keep the offense intact?

Those players our not due contracts this year. ( I should have pointed that out before my bad) paying the offense this year effecting next years cap for the most part. I really like the Rickie guard but he is not close to the caliber of Jonah imho . A elite offense makes that defense look much better. Again thou not saying to OVER pay Jonah but At a market value .

Check his four year season not just this year pulled another one out of your rear. This year has not been good but nothing serious an few games he would have played if playoffs.

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Listen we are fans. It is not our job to figure out how to keep the best players and pay them. That is someone else’s job.

Our job is clearly to bitch, moan, and complain about something week in and week out. :wink: :wink:

In all seriousness. It is part of the penalty for getting good. These are great problems to have. Everyone on the team is good so now you gotta figure out how to put the pieces together. I think you pay for Tackles and Centers and you get by on the cheap with your Guards. This is sadly the way. Same with the skill players. You get by on the cheap with the RBs and you pay the QB and elite WRs.

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He did plus his other time he played was at ROG an little ROT…For the couch GMs an HCs its not easy playing or practice mainly at ROG an move to LOG…I offer this to try an understand difference wipe your ass today with other hand that you normally would. That will show you its not that easy.

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This is it exactly. The NFL is designed so you can’t possibly keep all the players you develop, especially if they pan out. Every good team in history has had to go through this process, from the Chiefs moving on from Tyreek, to the legion of boom getting picked apart, to the Pats seemingly letting all of their good players go.

It would be nice to keep Jonah for continuity’s sake, but it would be nicer to keep ARSB, Sewell, Hutch, Alim, etc…


Sorry, I take into account the year we’re about to pay the guy. Not pulling anything out of my rear. We’ve been fine without him.

I agree if it comes to that reason what i was against is whining about his health .this season has been his worse but overal he has been steady.

[quote=“Spartansd, post:11, topic:28735”]
Our job is clearly to bitch, moan, and complain about something week in and week out. :wink: :wink:

You have come to the right place. :joy:

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How is the offense without Jonah and today rags. This team go as the offensive line goes. Pay the man

As others have said, I’m all for paying Jonah Jackson a team friendly deal, but if he’s looking to become a top 10 paid guard, no thanks.


Let Jonah shop around. If he’s gonna need to rehab his value we are a good one year spot.

Comes down to how tough this guy is…there are questions…he almost didnt play today, then all of a sudden he played the whole game today…and this was a physical game…

I dont know…