Kelce gives blueprint for beating Chiefs in Game 1

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I hope I am wrong, but I think it has to be team color (Pats do have red). But if not, damn that is genius and of course it was Belichick to think of it.

I’m guessing the Lions won’t be wearing red gloves, but the Chiefs will be. And the Lions will be in white jerseys. Hmmmmmmmmmmm… pay attention refs.

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Let’s let Branch tune Kelce up nice and early and stay in his head all night long.


Kelsey outweighs Branch by 50lbs. Tune up is probably the wrong thing to hope for in that situation. Maybe a forced fumble would be nice.

In fact, if both teams play to their abilities, we probably need a +2 or +3 turnover differential to stay close.

I still think KC has weakness at offensive tackle


Extremely wide variance of outcomes with KC’s tackles. 2020 Smith plus 2022 Taylor and they’re rosy. 2022 Smith and Taylor prior to 2022 and they’re screwed. There are then a myriad of outcomes somewhere in the middle.

It’s too bad our strength isn’t DE… oh wait

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Hopefully Branch spears him in the knee early in the 1st quarter.

Could be an issue for them. The key is getting Mahomes to the ground and not letting him extend plays which he is obviously very good at.

They do.

That D is no great shakes either, especially if Jones pouts his way to game 3

Tbh, their WR situation is a bag of cats.

They could be 10-7 fairly easily


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If you had gone with biting instead of spearing id allow it. But hoping for injuries is not cool.

It was a joke dude. I didn’t even say injure him, just hit him hard was the point. Branch is famous for big hits. I got Kelce on my fantasy team for crying out loud, he can’t be getting hurt. He carries my team every year.

Depends on the injury.

I’m totally fine rooting for Kelce to experience severely chaffed thighs (like severe saddle sores) beginning September 6th/7th. And I’m not going to apologize for rooting for that bizarrely specific outcome.

A solid case of food poisoning and some explosive diarrhea for Mahomes preventing him from sleeping any the night before the game. I like the sound of that.

We’ve collectively watched plenty enough 80’s movies to come up with a plan.


Lol, you know that’s not a thing, right? No one guy can cover Travis. Everyone in the NFL has tried it over the last 10 seasons; not a single player has ever stopped him.

Sounds like our St. Brown, sans the ten years part.