Kelvin Benjamin anyone

Bills cut him, 6’ 5" 5 year vet, had a 1000 yards as a rookie. Not sure if he’s a head case or not, sounds like he might be.

You aren’t going to bench Andy Jones are you?

Yeah, he’s definitely a head case. And not the good kind of a head case. He’s a low effort player. Remember years ago when we’d bring in some long time vets to the team, and they would just kind of mail it in and then retire? That’s Kelvin Benjamin. And that’s why the Panthers gave up on him, and why the Bills aren’t even going to let him finish the season.


Kelvin Benjamin is the NFLs far less talented take on Carmelo Anthony.

Hard. Pass.

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A few years ago? Maaaaaaybe.


I’ll give Kelvin the hardest pass I’ve given a player that isn’t an outright criminal.

Seriously, watch him run a route in Buffalo. He gives up so hard, its reminiscent of Ebron’s lowlights, and that’s putting it mildly.

The guy is overweight both physically and mentally with his bloated ego. Seriously, it would be one of the worst signings Quinn & Patricia could make with a lockerroom already halfway in peril.

Seriously, go watch his video. It’s embarrassing.

Sounds like the second coming of Big Mac Williams. Sign him for training camp next year if he wants to prove he has grown up. Signing him now and bumping another player for this lazy bum would send a terrible message to the team.

This is the same guy who when asked by his rookie QB to go out and work on a couple routes with him to better up the timing, SAID NO. We definitely don’t need anyone like him on this team… Which means we’ll likely sign him


Not that I want him or anything…but our remaining receivers can’t really run routes either.