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It was Jones whom Golladay did not seem terribly pleased with, as FOX’s cameras found him exchanging words with his quarterback on the sideline. The duo has combined for just 7/102 through two games, not what either side thought they were getting for $72 million. Golladay has a Week 3 get-right spot in the pathetic Falcons, but it is unclear if Jones’ skill-set will meld with his in any matchup. Jones is going to have trouble finding you unless it is over the middle of the field or you are wide open outside. Golladay is a sideline tactician who does not create huge cushions. Stay tuned.

Can we at least be happy we didn’t pay $72 mill for a guy that can’t get open?


Golliday showed the NFL last season he is nothing but a 1st class goldbricker last season. Thank god that idiot Giant GM gave him the $$$$$ and spared the Lions of this guy’s krap.

Gonna be a long year for KG without Stafford throwing them sideline throws or jump balls!

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Exactly. Shepard and Slayton are wide open, and then you have Galliday blanketed by one guy.
He’s good at fighting for jump balls … but it’s asking a lot of a young QB to throw it to a guy who is easily covered.

Gettleman will likely be fired soon, in large part to moves like he made with Galliday.


I kinda took it that golladay was telling Jones to trust him and throw it

I thought the giants should’ve won and the loss wasn’t due to KG

I still hope KG has a great career

While I also hope lions get good.

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The difference in the game from what I saw.

The WFT receivers ended up catching most of the balls they bobbled, which seemed plentiful during the replays. The Giants dropped them, including KG.

Have to come up with the catches. Pure and simple.

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A dropped touchdown not by golladay and giants win the game.

Had they ran the ball on third down taking time to 2min warning I think their coach had a better chance to win.

Lions fans would be blaming the refs for that loss

Washington got lucky

And Golladay’s stats weren’t the difference.


At this point you have Danny Pennies stepping all over Barkley’s game , but not able to activate Golladay’s game…and in between it all a couple of middle level receivers who might do something and might not.

Looks like we shoulda all drafted their kicker, huh?


The receiving group as a whole made the difference. Too many drops.

I said it was everyone, not just KG. They all dropped passes they should have caught. Including KG.

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My exact thoughts as I watched the game last night. :beers:


Right abd Jones missed some passes.

When KG was caught yelling
We don’t know if he had been wide open on that crucial series where Jones missed him.

My thing is even with the drops
If coach had made them burn final time out
Giants might’ve won

And had the dline not jumped at the worst time

Giants do win.

The WR holding call seemed as big as Any drop and announcers made thst sound questionable.

I know what lions fans would be blaming today.

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Dodged a bullet by giving Perriman $2mil !


They don’t use the last timeout even if it’s caught. You only save 9 seconds. Two minute warning stops the clock. Change of possession stops it again.

No real harm in throwing it there, trying for the first down.

I guess. But I would’ve run the clock.

I would’ve run Dan Jones on some kind of roll out or designed up the gut. That seemed to be their most “money play”

The stuff that happened … lack of discipline by Giants reminded me of MP type days and isn’t judge a ne guy too ?

But the off sides on the field goal was huge towards loss at thar time.

Kind of like if Kittle recovers inside kick
Lions might still feel like they showed fight but the score would’ve looked like a blowout.

But that’s football in nfl

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Pretty sure Chicago has to pay part of that.

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Could have gave that $$ to Calvin instead huh? Shit #81 probably makes this roster at 37.


I’d think there was more value in big picture franchise stuff to pay Calvin $2mil to retire agsin during camp.

Whew! Wouldn’t want The owner going hungry

and a nice comp pick to us.

While not for $72 mil, I’d still take him and his skills over any WR on our roster right now. His deep ball, high pointing was incredible