Kenny willekes workout video impressed Teams

Kenny did this a few weeks ago but it’s really cool and apparently teams are noticing especially since pro days never happened. This kid had a knee (ACL?) and shoulder injury in college…yeah I’d say he is athletic. Watch the video

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Used to play wallyball with a cat that could climb the wall like that. Got on my nerves even when he was on my team. :slight_smile:

So, who’s a fan of him here? I mean, he is a Sparty.


If football doesn’t work out he probably has a future in parkour.

I’ve always been impressed with him when I’ve seen him play. Wouldn’t mind it one bit if he were a Lion provided the value is right.

I love the kid. I love high motor tough kids who bust their ass. This kid was a walk-on. I’d love to see him succeed.


Not athletic
Pedestrian physical skills
High motor

So… he’s white


Pretty much. Sometimes they opt for “surprisingly athletic.”

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such a slap in the face. :joy:

My coach used to say I made oak trees look fast. :man_shrugging:

We coached him at the senior bowl and I think he had 2 sacks in the game. I remember the one clip of Patricia giving him pass rushing tips. Wouldn’t surprise me if we drafted him.


Yeah, I heard Willekes on the radio back on the highschool signing day a few weeks ago and he said he was training here in town. (Grand Rapids area) I think he’s from Rockford.

That’s some pretty impressive acrobatics and splits he can do but I really don’t know that it really means he’s “athletic”. He’s 6’3" and 264lbs and he ran slower than guys that had over 50lbs on him at the combine. His vertical was respectful at 32".
He can be agile and nimble but doesn’t mean he’s explosive, quick, or fast.

That was my thought as well

Flexibility is a very important athletic trait

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As a Wolverine, I was very impressed with both Willekes and Williams and am glad to see them gone. Also wouldn’t mind either in a Lions uniform and both have shown up in my mock drafts at some point. I’m just not sure how much of a fit he is here. Backup for Flowers? Figured that was kinda why we drafted Bryant last year. Can he move to LB and backup Collins? For all the same reasons I’m not sure how good a fit Chase Young is here.

I would love Willekes in rd 3-4…Not sure where he is projected to go but love high motor guys that are out to prove something!!!

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I watched a lot of MSU football. He is a good football player not great. Based on the video you would have thought he would have provided more. Maybe the injury during the Oregon game hurt him

some body is blind --or trying to steer others away from their pick–just me thinks


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Don’t forget a former walking on, and last year played a shitting defense and team, so his numbers were down a bit.

I like what he accomplished in college and he obviously put in the work and has a dream. Problem is when you look at all the guys coming out he is mediocre. Using a 4th might be high based on other players who may be available using a 5th I am all in.

The guy from MSU that I wouldn’t mind late in the draft is Cody White WR. He doesn’t jump off the charts at you but all he did was get open and was able to catch the ball. MSU’s pitiful QB and offensive play didn’t highlight his talent enough. He is a solid kid at 6’3" and 217.

I would stay away from white. Average hands, runs like a slow TE.

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