Kenyan Drake or Gio Bernard

Assuming draft pick compensation were the same who would you prefer?

Bernard would be signed for two more years at a 3.7m avg cap hit. Drake would cost just over 1M for the rest of the year and then be a free agent.

Melvin Gordon

Kenyan Drake

That’s the thing. Money really shouldn’t be a factor, which is really mind boggling why Quinn traded Diggs. We’re sitting here at 2-3-1 with the season on the brink of collapse and Quinn and Martha are sitting there trading people to save a few extra bucks. This is so reminiscent of WCF and how cheap he was.

We literally entered the season with no backup QB, no backup RB, no good depth on the O-Line, a pedestrian LB corp AND A BUNCH OF CAP SPACE! Now we off a contributor so we save tens of dollars so Martha can buy herself a 49th hot tub. Phucking circus.

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Money is certainly a factor with Melvin Gordon. The other two not so much.

I agree with Wes. Kenyan Drake would add so much explosiveness. If you watch highlights from the Gase era they split him out a lot and ran downfield routes and he’s a real natural pass catcher. Bernard has great hands as well but he’s generally been used more for out of the backfield stuff

If the draft compensation is the same regardless of the player traded for, including others not mentioned by the o p, I still believe that there may be conversations going on that have yet to be revealed between the Lions and Seattle for Rashaad penny. Penny has been a serious disappointment I would dare say for Seattle and I was reading that he may have literally lost the third string running back position this past week. However he was very highly thought of coming into the draft and the Seahawks drafted him in the first round, pick number 27 if memory serves me correctly. Then later it was revealed that apparently the Lions actually attempted to trade for him on draft day before selecting kerryon Johnson.

I don’t think Seattle gives up on Penny yet. He got in shape this year and pulled a hammy.

I’d be all good with that though. I really liked him coming out of college.

I imagine that Penny would cost more to acquire than Drake though.

Drake is unlikely to drastically alter Miami’s compensatory formula. Hence the rumors that they would take a 5th.

Furthering my reasoning on that possibility is the fact that Seattle is in desperate need for tight ends help. Possibly some type of combination of low draft pick and Logan Thomas for penny? Please understand I’m not stumping for them to trade for Penny but as to potential upside this might make sense. And it might make the Diggs trade a bit more understandable if there was a second trade being worked out between the two. IE quid pro quo?

Melvin Gordon has been as bad as Blount.

Isn’t that going to be pretty much the reality of anybody who’s on the trading block??:slight_smile: I’m not stomping for Gordon either but the reality as I see it is that any player on the trading block is likely having injury issues or performance on the field issues or contract considerations/issues, excetera

Drake has been productive and Gio has too. Maybe not world beaters but objectively productive player.

Gordon hasn’t been productive at all. He’s out a of shape and probably he going to round into shape but good lord he’s been bad.

I’d be happy to have him but I wouldn’t expect anything for a week or two.

I just don’t understand how Zeke was in Cabo holding out and came back in shape while dude looks like he hasn’t played in years.

Fair statement. I haven’t actually watched him play since his return so any thoughts I would have on him would be nothing more than stats, PFF reviews excetera. Conversely of course is that he’s been far more productive in his career than any of the others being mentioned so the risk- potential reward could be on a higher level for Gordon in the others.

Oh if we got him I’d talk myself into him really fast.

Its just he’s on my fantasy and I have the Sunday ticket so I have watched his every snap and its been brutal.

He hasn’t lost it he’s just out of shape and trying to do too much.

Drake would provide the best combo of value and production IMO.