Kerryon activated

Expected to play today in Denver. My take is the Lions are trying to show the world they ain’t tanking.

Wonder if they’ll be pushing a very heavy run offense today to see if they have the makings for a runningback tandem they can go into 2020 with (KJ and Bo).

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Yeah, that was my thought.

If they go into next year with a 1/2 running back tandem of carried off and Bo, they are bigger damn fools than I thought


True, but what makes it worse is that it would be an upgrade of how we started this season. Chuba Hubbard in the 3rd works for me.

I agree - Bo is easily the starter over that dude, in my book.
3 things in life you can absolutely count on…

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. Kerryon’s injury

I really wanted us to get Drake from Miami, when I saw that Ty wasn’t what I had hoped for. I feel like Drake is exactly what this team needs at that position.


Wonder if Darynton Evans RB, Appalachian State, is coming out this year. He’s a junior, but, he looked good last night against UAB.

I dunno, but I’m gonna be pissed if KJ comes out, racks up a bunch of production and we win. If he wants to play…I’d “ease him back into game shape”
Translation…give him 5 or 6 carries tops. I don’t want us to take a risk on winning that game.


Giants and Dolphins are doing a great job.

Now we just need the Lions to cooperate…

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I’d like to see a run heavy offense, with KJ, Bo, and Mac.
Marv is out. Hall is out. TJ is out. Stafford is out. Dahl is out.
Chances of winning with our run game?

I hate to say it but hopefully there is zero chance of them winning. I think even if they simply wind up at number three in the draft that would be a great place to be from the trade down scenario viewpoint. As an example, if Tua recovers fully I could see multiple teams potentially bidding for his services at number three such as Miami and the Chargers (Bucs)?
Getting extra picks and still remaining high in the draft would be a great consolation in my mind