Kerryon Johnson is Pumped

Good to Read. Excited for the Season !!..GOALPOST


Good to hear him say these things!

We’ll see how well the new right side of the OL, both run-blocking and pass pro. Maybe Stafford won’t be under as much pressure this year if the defense has to honor the run. Hey, maybe he’ll even last for all 16 games! If he does then I think they’ll have a shot at the playoffs.

Please play them together A LOT. Please!

I was hoping for a lot of Riddick and Kerryon dual backfield…maybe this time…

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I suspect we will use a lot of 11 personnel and 2 TE sets. Which tends to lead to more single backfields.

But I’m hoping to see them both in the backfield together too.


With Stafford in the lineup in 2019… Bevell used 2 TE’s (12 personnel) & 2 RB (21 personnel) sets the same 16% of the time

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I get this but, open minded and flexible is what I am hoping for this new season with new players to scheme with

If 2 back system with the end we have now works… I would hope you will see it more…

And if they can pull multiple plays and looks from the same package… another reason to try it.

We are creatures of habit and one of those defining thing about BB I love… he know how to stay uncomfortable

I thoroughly appreciate a player like Kerryon Johnson. Because, when it comes right down to it, he’s a football player…and that’s the type of player I tend to gravitate towards. I’m a Spielman, a Boyd, a Schlesinger, a Muhlbach, and yes a Stafford type of fan. They work hard for themselves and their teammates.

He reminds me in a way…mostly attitude…of Joique Bell. They’re football players and they want anyone who becomes a part of their team to succeed,

Detroit Vs. Everybody