Kick the tires on Jalen Ramsey

I actually thinks this makes a sh!t ton of sense for say the Swift pick and a 6 or 7 this year. 3/17 is his roster bonus cut off. It’s guaranteed. The only way out from that 11m for Miami is to either keep him at 25.5m in new cash or trade him before the roster bonus. Dolphins are up against it. This would help them resign Wilkins and either Hunt or Williams on the OL.

We could then restructure it and spread the 25.5m he’s almost certainly to see next season over two years (plus a bit more). Something like 14m signing bonus with 13m in salary this year and 14m in salary next year. Perhaps you use some void years.

It’s risky. He’ll turn 30 in October and his body might be breaking down. But this allows for a swing for the fences and the downside is so damn easy to come back from. And if he’s right he’s a significant step up from Fuller or anyone below that Snead/Johnson group. Heck he might still be better than all of them if he gets right.

Thoughts? Am I crazy?

I have thought about it especially if he could come for a package of picks like that

Part of the irony of this response by Micah was that Amon Ra went from LA to Detroit.


The funniest thing is that Dallas couldn’t afford Gordon Ramsey, let alone Jalen.

Three things…

  1. If Brad and Dan wanted Ramsey, they would’ve done it last offseason

  2. Why would Miami get rid of him?

  3. Micah Parsons needs to control himself on social media.


It could be that we tried and he preferred Miami. There were rumors we were in for him, unsubstantiated of course.

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That was essentially reported I thought

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Go look at their cap and their free agents. They of course could say Tyreek is retiring soon so let’s do the Saints thing and suck later. But if they are being responsible it makes some sense.

Brad, Dan and AG wanted CJGJ. He went from New Orleans to Philly anyways. We went after him the following season. One non move doesn’t dictate the next move.

I really don’t like Jalen Ramsey…rather just sign Stephon Gilmore.

Ramsey has been when too big a topic around here considering he was a complete hypothetical…but here we are again…

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First thought that popped into my mind was; “Jared Goff! Jared Goff! Jared Goff!”
Matt Stafford loved it here, too! Until he got booed for being in the wrong uniform.

Ramsey…Jacksonville, Rams, Miami…

Just called Vic Fangio out on X/Twitter…

And Vic Fangio is a good DC…

Wont say no, because we actually have a great organization and he will be in-line here, but…

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He isn’t going anywhere, IMO, and I am pretty confident of that. The way his contract is set up won’t allow it.

They will not cut him as 25.5mil of his salary is guaranteed for 2024. No team will trade for him because he is a 30 year old CB coming off a subpar season by his standards and is owed a guaranteed 25.5mil for 2024.

I understand the idea of spreading it out over multiple years, but that just spreads out the cap hit, we are still paying 25.5mil cash for Ramsey if 2024.

For comparison, the highest paid CB in the NFL is Jaire Alexander at 21mil per.

Only outside chance is if a team takes on the contract and the Dolphins give up capital is return, which is extremely unlikely.

I was a big advocate of going for Ramsey last year. I would love to have him, I just think his contract is going to make it impossible.

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Brad did say he likes CBs that are good in run support. I can’t say I am a fan of Ramsey but I have respect for his game. He has always been one of the best in run support.

1 year… 2.7 million final offer with 15 incentives for performance

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Final offer…:laughing:

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Kendall Fuller is 29 years old. He got 23.5m guaranteed on his last contract.

If we’re trying to get a high level guy it will come with a high level guaranteed number.

I’m either a proponent of the spray shot approach to grabbing long athletic CBs (I brought up four previously) or go big or go home.

If we are going in between I’d prefer it for someone like Greg Newsome but we’re talking about more draft capital in that scenario.

But if we’re taking a gamble and aiming for elite high end CB play I think Ramsey is amongst the best options when the combination of draft capital and cap cost is considered.

This isn’t a total guarantee on a contract multiple years in length though. Ramsey is guaranteed to make 25.5mil in cash in 2024, regardless of how the cap is manipulated.

If he was a FA this year and he did not cost any draft capital, would you sign him to a 1 year, 25.5mil contract, but with two void years tacked on to spread out the cap hit?

I’m going with no

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