Kind of odd discussion lately

I keep reading: “we need a top RB.” “no what we really need is a great route-running WR.” “But hey we need to draft a top QB early because XYZ.”

We were pathetically bad Defensively, but I’m not hearing or seeing many in depth, serious talk about who to get and how to fix our greatest weakness. I find that a little awkward personally.


Agreed completely. I’ve had debates with people about not drafting offense with the first two picks… I think people are assuming they’re going to address the defense in FA. Meanwhile, we need 4 new starters on defense (DT, 2 LBers, #2 CB)


I feel like it’s a given. Maybe the folks that like to start drama can’t talk about the D, because they know that everyone would just agree, and there would be no drama to be had there. Instead, they have to bitch about our best players, so they can stir up some crap. LOL

I am with you though, man. We need to fix the DL, and our LBs are far below average. DL helps everything else go, so I feel they’ll try to fix that first. Maybe Bryant can actually play? Maybe Hand can get healthy, and ends up being solid. I think it’s possible that Daniels could be a cheap depth player, but not trustworthy. Harrison is iffy.

I like our DBs better than most of the guys here (with exception of Melvin).

Let’s get a solid contributor and an absolute MONSTER on the DL, possibly an upgrade at CB2 and/or one of the LB spots. We may be able to upgrade LBs by playing JRM, who I feel would be an upgrade from Jones, and maybe put Tavai at MLB and slide Davis to the outside? I dunno? Possible Ragnow-ish upgrade for the D, with position switches.


Who says that balance is the key to winning? The Lions aren’t close to fielding a top defense. One draft is not going to fix that defensive unit. #3 overall pick provides great value. You can’t be wasting it on a defender unless it is a stud DE. The league is designed to make it easy to score through the air.

Why did the Chiefs trade up for Mahomes when they already had a proven commodity in Alex Smith?


Most DBs will play better if the pass rush is good. Even ours, lol. At this point, I like DT Derrick Brown. I think you gotta have that interior pressure so the QB can’t step into his throws.


What is odd is that so many fight the idea of taking a QB. It’s almost like this organization and fans of this organization are allergic to finding value.

Imagine if the Lions take the Ohio State CB or Brown. A 3rd OA pick and 8 OA pick and you end up with a TE/CB or TE/2nd rate DT combo. It’s a sickening thought and many are salivating over it.

I think it’s possible the Lions could have an offensive draft. It’s really not that hard to imagine. Especially when you consider that most Lions fans felt the Lions biggest need last year was DE and they went TE in round 1. The year before he took an OC when most fans wanted him to go defense that year too. BQ continues to prove he doesn’t draft the way most fans think.

This years FA is defensive strong. It’s possible we fill a lot of holes in FA.

I agree that we need at least 4 defensive starter upgrades too. But I have a feeling that the Lions won’t fill them all this offseason.

Likely we target DT in FA to fill A’Shawns spot. Possibly even a guy to fill Snacks spot if he retires. My gut says that Slay is back and the Lions target a CB to play opposite him in FA.

However at LBer we could go status quo and look to add depth in the draft. Personally I’d like to see us target a FA edge/OLB type.

In the draft the Lions very possibly go OG in round two to fill GG’s spot. But in round one I think we go DEF if we stay at 3 but in a trade down I think offense is very possible.

Bottom line is that the Lions have so many holes and needs that we could go just about any direction. I think we should get the biggest difference makers we can. Regardless of position.

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The Lions have so many holes that all of these statements can be true.

By the way: Some of the best route running WR’s in the game came into the latter rounds. Also a quality RB could come in rounds 2-3.


open and look at the blood red IR status of our depth chart roster?!

We cant do anything pick wise without “guessing” who we will get back and how ready each will be for the 16 game season…

They imho will really go far in who we pick …. regardless of off or def imo

It’s not a qb, it’s the qb’s who’ll be available. If it’s Burrow or Lawrence, I’m good with it. Not a fan of taking an injury prone “midget” of a qb at 3.

the value to this team this offseason is finding the best defensive help/improvements we can, not drafting a QB that will be a backup for years while the defense is in the 30’s and we are getting beat like a drum again. And Iggy, our defense was thee worst in the league this is why you START trying to better it no matter the number of picks we have. NO your not going to “fix” it in one draft or offseason , but you try. You don’t pass the buck , do nothing defensively then hope for better results.

Yeah we can get a couple O players…WR & RB being my guess, but this is not a stellar year for QB’s .

We need elite players. We currently have ZERO. We rarely have more than 0 or 1. If there is an elite player available at #3, you take him, regardless if he can’t play for half the season. The long term goal should be to land a few elite players and build good depth around them.

Instead, we waste 1st round picks on a below average OT, a decent G, a terrible LB and a damned TE. Then we throw a hundred million around on guys who play like back ups.

You never pass on an elite talent, even if it’s not your #1 position of need. Crazy that a few months ago, this board was full of “tank for Tua” posts, now he could be obtained and people don’t want him, even if he is 100% medically cleared.

where is this elite talent Big T, who is it that you have deemed elite in this draft?

Burrow, Young and Tua (if he checks out medically). I realize that his injury is cause for concern, but his doctors have already stated that he will have a full recover and that he will be able to work out for teams this spring, so if that all adds up, he enters that discussion.

I could just see this board in 3 years if we passed on Tua for yet another depth guy again and Tua becomes what everyone thought he would (pre-injury).

Keep in mind, even though he had that pretty significant injury, he is still being mocked to be a top 5 pick!! That tells you he isn’t just another nice college QB.

Joe Burrow had it all, A new and improved Scheme that helped him rise , a solid 0-line that kept him clean , A great running game , stud receivers, and Burrow was once labeled a 4th-rounder UNTIL all these things skyrocketed his numbers into the top rounds. Burrow also WAS completing just 58% of his passes -before, So he needs a similar set up in the NFL to help him.

Tua, scares me to no end the dislocated hip more than his high-ankle sprain & surgery. His O-line has to be very good along with a STRONG RT to keep him clean (which we don’t have) , and Tua needs help on his mechanics and footwork “like” Stafford once did" Med staff likely will clear Tua, but again, I’m not drafting him or any other QB this offseason being we have many other needs especially defensive improvements.

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Been harping it: D-line is our biggest weakness on this team and it has significantly brought down the performance of the other defensive position groups with it. How do you expect a secondary to cover skill players for 6-8 seconds with no QB pressure, multiple times a game? Think about it peeps! Our D-line didn’t come up with shit in the 4th quarter all year and it made everyone else target practice until we eventually let games get out of reach, week in and week out. Legitimately sickening.

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What is so odd about wanting a running game? Aren’t you one always talking about wanting a running game to help Stafford?
What is so odd about wanting a WR that can get open?
I hope to high heck that the Lions aren’t dumb enough to take Tua in the 1st round, that would be monumentally stupid (and that’s saying a lot coming from a Lions fan)!
The Chiefs couldn’t “get over the hump” from being an playoff team to a Superbowl team, the Lions can’t get over the hump from being pathetically bad to just bad. Taking a QB would be downright about as dumb as it gets…unless Stafford says he’s packing it in and retiring.

This team needs defense, true…but a good RB could help our offense stay on the field which helps our defense. A good route-running WR that can extend drives can also help our defense stay off the field. You gotta look at the big picture.

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most of the previous superbowl have told us balance is key. Alex Smith was just a field manager. Patrick Mahommes is a playmaker.

How is Brown a 2nd rate DT? So what you are saying is you want the Lions to draft a QB to sit behind Stafford for 2-3 years possibly more? Draft someone #3OA that wont play for 2-3 years possible more seems like it wouldnt be very much value at all.

we can move offensively ‘let me add for a short while.’ BUT when our defense steps on the field they get exposed quickly and cannot stop our opponents from beating us, it was painfully embarrassing in 2019 and I don’t want a repeat and being worst in the league on our defense.

we don’t NEED as many Offensive players 4 of them arguably : WR, RB, QB, and an O-line guy.
easy to fix. The defense is not a quick and easy fix , BUT we can certainly get some solid acquisitions to it this draft and FA and then add to it later on without being disgustingly bad ‘again’ this season. IF we have 7 picks, 5 of those should damn well be Defensive help —the other two could - be be RB & WR . last year our defense looked absolutely clueless, let’s not have a re-run in 2020.