Kiper's Top 5 2022 Draft WRs

Kiper’s early top 5.

Kiper is a complete idiot.

How can you put Jamseson Williams over Wilson, Olave, and Dotson for any reason other than Bama Bias?

He is only good at running fast.

And he also literally left OSU for a lack of targets because the other guys were better than him.

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biggest risers this fall on his board.

Jameson Williams has been playing his ass off this year though.

Still preliminary, but mine would go:

  1. London
  2. Wilson
  3. Olave
  4. David Bell
  5. Burks

I’m also a big fan of Zay Flowers, he looks like early-career Emmanuel Sanders to me. We could use some of that dynamism in our receiving corps.

Ohio State is stacked at WR’s but if you’re a WR wanting to go to a team that is not stacked at WR, Alabama is a bad choice.


He leaves a team that is stacked at WR and then is the #1 at a team that is “stacked at WR” so that means that he’s better than the guys that kept him from targets in the first place?

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This is the wrong thread for it bc he’s nowhere near a top 5 WR in this draft but Tyquan Thornton is really growing on me. He has supposedly consistently ran in the low 4.3s. He’s a legit 6’3". He’s not physical at all which is of concern and like most tall guys it’s a little bit of build up style of speed. He reminds me a lot of MVS but Thornton’s hands are more consistent IMO. Not sure where he goes but I don’t think it will be as late as MVS was selected.

Ah, so Alabama doesn’t get good WR recruits and have good WR’s?..good to know.

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What is your point supposed to be?

Just answer the question.

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Out of all the OSU WRs I think Jaxon Smith-Njigba is going to be the best pro. Many of them will be successful pros I just think that he looks pretty special.

Well, with all the recruits and freshman we have, the best pro might be someone we haven’t seen yet.

I say that because I have a story I like to tell.

In 2015, fresh off the national championship, Ohio State had a 3 man quarterback controversy. Braxton Miller, the expected starter, J.T. Barrett, the starter for the regular season, and Cardale Jones, the championship quarterback.

I don’t say that to point to what happened there, I point to it because of something else.

We had 4 QBs on the roster that year.

That 4th guy…

was Joe Burrow.

That roster had…

Ezekiel Elliott
Joey Bosa
Michael Thomas
Marston Lattimore
Malik Hooker
Eli Apple
Gareon Conley
Billy Price
Darron Lee
Taylor Decker
Many More

And he was the highest draft pick of them all.

Pat Kirwan spoke about this years ago. He said he hated putting out rankings and mock drafts for large corporate type employers because they didn’t let him put his real thoughts out. He said they literally made him analyze other rankings and mocks and “do something different” to generate clicks and conversation. Mel Kiper is no different. There is some natural movement during the process but he puts out stuff he doesn’t really believe in early on but then the final rankings and mock right before the draft are how he really feels.

Charlie Casserly is the most transparent of all pundits when it comes to the fodder filling up their coverage.

Joe Burrow left Ohio State and he’s a better pro QB than like any OSU QB ever. So it’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

I meant out of all the guys that I’ve seen a decent amount of. Haven’t seen enough of Egbuka or Harrison Jr. I like JSN more than Fleming. He’s just so damn quick. Moves like a jitterbug slot player but is nearly Olave’s size. Like Jaelon Darden type movement skills in an acceptable outside WR frame.

Since we’re taking about pundits…

After Mike Mayock gets fired can he go back to TV as a “scouting guru”? With those drafts? I get that Millen calls games again but he’s not being labeled as the expert. Millen’s just a color guy.

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Well I haven’t really seen much of Egbuka and Harrison either. Fleming is allegedly “still developing” too since he was in a wing T offense in high school.

Marv Jr. is going to be a bigger version of his dad though. He’s got a lot of his moves.

Is he that fast? Marvin Harrison was one of the fastest players I’ve ever seen play football. Some of the McNabb to Harrison bombs in college were hilarious. He’d have like seven yards of separation and it wasn’t my even bc the defender slipped. Young Marvin was crazy fast and that speed carried over to pads well despite his frame. I’d be shocked if Jr. has that much juice.

I haven’t watched him anywhere near enough, but yeah, first impression was that he was a little soft. But you can get away with soft if you’re fast.