KJ Breakdown of the Lions Run Game

Really good look at why our OL is so good. Props to Goff as well


Nice breakdowns - love how he says we will run for 350 yards if they don’t handle business.


that would be hilarious. turn goff into trent dilfer from that ravens team.

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That’s nice props from OG KJ man -I could watch his takes all week , but he’s telling it like it is without adding extra bullshit—I admire that . KJ , props you have some good breakdowns and explained yourself like a grown ass man dog !! Tell you Lions are going to take them to the doghouse —bring that stuff on man-let’s throw down ! Seahawks–who !?

Hawks you better be practicing * :wink: WE got more game than you * and you damn right -they better be practicing .


Very informative. Watching an LB breaking it down on the schemes makes me even more confident of our Oline. Didn’t think that was possible.


I started breaking down the coaches film yesterday and today because I’ve finally got a little spare time.

I quickly looked at the Lions game as well as the Seahawks game and several things stood out to me.

  1. The Lions OL played far better than I realized. But Taylor had the worst game of them all and to hear he played with injury makes some sense but it wasn’t noticeable in his actions. Hope he’s good to go this week.

  2. The blatant holding calls that KC got away with was amazing. They held on almost every play and some were so obvious with a ref staring right at it. The refs were not going to call holding. But the Lions also had plenty of holds that they got away with but they were not as obvious. Yet it was nice to know we got away with a few too. Not nearly as many as KC.

  3. I thought the Lions LBers and DL played a pretty solid game. That’s the best coached front 7 to start the season that we’ve seen in some time. Very promising. Players were flowing to the ball and in proper position most of the time. I actually think our LBer play might be better than i anticipated it would be.

  4. The Lions secondary had plenty of breakdowns but also plenty of quality play. Let’s call it a mixed bag. The Lions front helped to hide the mistakes in the secondary by putting pressure on Mahomes but KC left a lot of yards on the field that our secondary missed. We were lucky to keep Mahomes to as little yards as we did. WR’s dropping passes sure helped our defense look better than it really was. Don’t get me wrong there was alot to be excited about. This defense is definitely trending upwards.

Ok let’s talk about Sea and what the Rams did to them.

  1. Sea rushed 5 alot and brought a blitzer frequently and Stafford made them pay for it. I think Sea thought that rams OL was suspect because it’s been suspect for a few years now but that Rams OL played extremely well. They picked up the blitz and won their matchups. Giving Stafford just enough time for him to pick that defense apart. If that OL plays that good every week the Rams have a real shot of making some waves this year. Stafford looked all pro and if he plays like that all season the Rams are going be tough.

  2. Pete C. said post game that he was happy with the way his defense played vs the run. It was one of the bright spots in his mind. But a closer look reveals that the defense is real suspect vs the run. The Rams had plenty of opportunities to win running the ball. Especially when they ran off tackle but they didn’t need to because Stafford was destroying that defense vertically. Jah running off tackle could be a real difference maker for us in this game. SEA is susceptible to giving up a big play to a back like Gibbs.

  3. Speaking of vertically that’s the strength of the Sea defense. They’re back 7 in damn good making it hard to get vertical on. But much to my surprise they played more single high in man coverage than they usually do. Why do that vs a strong armed Stafford? That didn’t make much sense to me but they wanted to pressure up front and dare Matt to beat them and he did. It wouldn’t shock me if they do the same against us. They may have better results because Goff doesn’t like to get as vertical as much as Stafford does. Matt used a lot of quick fast decisions to place a well thrown ball behind the pass rush for an easy gain. If Sea does that vs us we may find them harder to run on.

  4. The Rams got vertical in an interesting way too. They placed the small WR Tutu on the outside and used his speed to exploit the Sea pass rush. The Rams ran alot of 11 personnel stretching that Sea defense out. Placed Tutu on the outside with other WR’s in bunch formations. Then they used those WR’s to create pick style plays that Tutu’s speed could cut inside and get upfield quickly and Matt just burned a quick pass to them. @Thats2 and I were just talking about this very thing. The Lions could do the same thing with Raymond and I’d be disappointed if they didn’t at least give it a try in the game.

  5. The Rams defense did a heck of a job getting in Genos face. Geno made some nice plays but once the Rams got him flustered it was all over.

I think we stack up well vs Sea but I also do not think Sea is the pushover some think. Sea walked into a buzz saw this last week. The Rams are a far better team than posters think. Sea wasn’t ready for a Stafford at the top of his game.

I think the key defensively is to get into Genos face and frustrate him. Offensively I think it’s exploring that defense with outside runs and a quick passing attack. I am expecting Sea to blitz alot. The Lions will need to be good at picking up the blitzing LBer and Goff will need to be good at making them pay when they do. Laporta could be the key to doing just that.


Jesus Air, I’m going to have to split your post into two separate readings.

I just watched this video. Pretty good breakdown.



I saw KJ as a guest on another show and he said he thought Seattle will come back strong this week.
He said he thinks they were full of their own press about challenging for the division title and overlooked the Rams big time and got the heads handed to them.

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saw that too… I think the Seahawks were full of themselves and expected the Rams to roll over. The Seahawks have potential. Good coaches. Decent QB and very good RB. Good defensive players and their rookie CB coming back would be a big boost.

The tackle situation will be a weakness that needs to be exploited or else it’s not that lopsided of a game

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Regarding point 3a: I think that our lbs are better than we think they are, it seems that the defensive schemes tend to expose them more than any other sub unit.
Regarding point 4b: Amon Ra should have a big gamev if this holds

I’m most worried about our secondary getting exposed by their wr corps. The key will be containing the run game and forcing Geno to do l drop back and deal with hutch and Co

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I expect Hutch to have the best game of his career to date. Lions pressure will destroy Hawks entire O-Rhythm.
Gibbs will ball out as a receiver, and Monty should get 70-85 yards of time eating rush plays.
Det. 27 Hawks 17


Yeah, I definitely expect the Lions to win, but I think the hags will show up.

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Yeah I think they thought they were getting last years Rams. Instead they got 2018 Rams with Stafford at QB. The Rams are way better than people think. If that team stays healthy they could even beat out SF for the Division.

That SEA defense is no Joke. Lots of talent on it and they sure didn’t play up to it against the Rams. Geno if given time will pick a team apart and our secondary is still not firing on all cylinders. Key to the game is to stop Geno by way of pressure and limit the run game enough to slow that offense. If we force Geno to have to drop back and get pressure on him he will make crucial mistakes.

We have enough talent at LBer to have an above average unit but mistakes, bad angles, poor tackling and slow to flow to gaps have hurt the unit as a whole. They are finally starting to play like a quality, well coached unit and overall I think they finish as an above average unit this season. My guess is the addition of Fox has really helped them with the basic fundamentals because they are play much more sound football. Super excite to see if they can back it up again this week. The Sea run game will challenge that unit more than KC did.

SEA isn’t a push over but we have the rolls to beat them. If we play with the grit they’ve shown vs GB and KC we should be the Victor on Sunday.

I am really getting excited about this team guys. I’m finally starting to see the quality play that looks like a playoff caliber team.

Go Lions!


No matter what you do, don’t make a thread about that :joy:


“And if you [a defender] line up to his [Penei’s] side, you better get your mind right.”


KJ should be a coach. Gets his points across well.

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Does he want that shedule?

No idea. I wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t fault him either. I just think he would be a good one.