KJ going on IR

Matt Patricia stated to Dave birkett that kerryon Johnson had a knee procedure today and is going on IR with hopes that he can return later this year

Wellllllll, Shit.

Wonder if CJ Anderson is available now that Zenner is gone.

Welcome to Jahvid Best and Kevin Jones’s love child-I give you Kerryon Johnson.

Should accepted the myriad trade offers I had in fantasy for this guy.

Anderson is at the Raiders for a visit today :grinning:

Kenyan Drake c’mon down.


Really disappointing news.

I’ll take me some Drake fo sho

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We should be calling SF. I bet they would like to get some draft picks back after that Sanders trade.

Even if he was available …If I was Zenner I would tell the Lions to go fuck themselves if they came calling .
He was a damn good insurance policy that always delivered when called upon…
Yet we treated him like the slightly heavy , brunette , big breasted fall back bootee call option when all other "Let’s go back to the dorm options failed on Thirsty Thursday Nights

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Zenner is on the Saints roster at this time.
Maybe Kenyan Drake like others have said or maybe Devonta Freeman (I hope not)?? Possibly a cheaper option might be like a Dion Lewis? I mean he’s a former Patriot right? LOL

Paging Jay Ajayi…

2 seasons in the league - Both ending on IR. Not a good start to KJ’s career.

I had really high hopes for him after last season. Honestly, I thought that if he could stay healthy he’d be a star in this league.

I’m not going to write off KJ as being a valuable member of the team yet, but I will say that the Lions should write off the idea of counting on him to be a workhorse sort of back. He’s a guy that’s going to need to split carries with someone else.

Moving forward…

I’m a big Bob Quinn fan, but he really screwed up the RB situation here. I genuinely think the RB situation was a lot stronger 4 weeks ago than it is today.

K. Johnson
T Johnson

is superior to

K. Johnson (IR)
T. Johnson
Tra Carson

I don’t care how you slice it. We’re now counting on a rookie, a guy that doesn’t know the playbook yet, and a guy that has primarily been limited to gadget plays.

I’d love to hear Bob’s explanation as to how this is better than having CJ and Zenner available next week. I’m not sure there’s anything he could do to convince me that there’s a quality RB on the roster at this moment, as intrigued as I am by the rookie.

Oof, I’m calling the handling of the RB position this year a swing and a miss.

Personally, I think the Lions would be wise to consider RB up high in the draft again this year.

As far as free agency goes, I guess there’s a few guys out there that can play. Not sure if Ajayi is healthy. Not sure if Anderson would be interested in coming back, although they should probably consider calling him since he knows the playbook.

TY Johnson better be all that and then some …When you let Veterans go that were fairly cheap in Zenner and Anderson and are now in the position we are in it is a big fail on Quinn.
The biggest issue besides the obvious is Pass Protection now and being predictable for the run or pass . When you have RB’s that either cant block for lack of knowledge on the protections or are just not good at it , it becomes a nightmare for the QB …We rode KJ like a horse in the Chiefs game and pass pro was a big part of that .

CJ was a repeat of Blount so I’m glad he moved on. Zenner on the other hand, I wish we would have kept.


Not sure if it’s been pointed out here yet, but according to Meinke the Lions have in fact inquired about Kenyan Drake. So I guess it depends how the bidding goes…

By Kyle Meinke | [email protected]

DETROIT – The Lions (2-3-1) are reeling after a 42-30 loss on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. Here are three things we learned as their losing streak hit three games.

The Lions could be in the market for a running back. Kerryon Johnson left the game with a knee injury in the second quarter, then watched the second half with a brace on his right knee. Considering he also missed the last six games of his rookie season with a knee injury, Detroit should proceed with an abundance of caution. If he does miss time or is limited going forward, that will create a void in a running game that has averaged 4 yards per carry – the goal for many teams – in just two games this season. Ty Johnson and J.D. McKissic are the only other backs on the roster right now, and haven’t exactly blown anyone’s hair back. On a combined 15 carries against Minnesota, just one went for longer than 6 yards (on an end-around to McKissic). If the Lions are concerned about the Johnson injury, they could turn to Paul Perkins, who returned to the practice squad last week. C.J. Anderson, another guy who knows the playbook, remains available too. Of course, there’s a reason he was let go in the first place, and still remains available weeks later. The Lions also reportedly kicked the tires on Kenyan Drake last week.

I also would rather have our own Wolfcub at RB …then LeGarrette Blount. I swear that is what Patricia is going to do and it will really piss me off …
I would call & sign Jay Ajayi as well , I wanted to draft the kid and love his violent running style , would be a nice compliment to TY Johnson

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Kenyan Drake career stats. He’s 25.

I don’t know enough about him to have a legitimate opinion on him. Always kind of thought of him as a #2 or even #3 back, maybe even just a change of pace guy. But, again, I don’t know much about him outside of his numbers.

I was not remotely a CJ Anderson fan, but I would take him everyday of the week over Blount . No shit I would be all for signing Marshawn Lynch , hell at this point I would love to have Ameer Abdullah back in the fold …Call the VIKES !

Yes, he’s a good #2 back to have on your side. He’s got the kind of explosiveness where he can take it to the house at any time.

Yeah, I wasn’t counting on CJ or Zenner to be world beaters or anything, but I think I’d definitely take them over Tra Carson?

Maybe I don’t know enough about Tra yet?

I would have liked him and KJ as a #1 and #2.

Now that KJ is hurt and I view the Lions as sellers at the trade deadline, I’d rather see:

Quality RB in draft as #1 + KJ as #2 as our 1/2 punch. It won’t help the Lions this year, but I’m not sure that matters at this stage, unfortunately.

I’m not usually a “season’s over in October” kind of guy, but blowing that W vs. the Cards, finding a way to lose vs. the Chiefs, and shooting yourself in the foot + getting raped by the refs vs. the Packers has…well…unfortunately, led me to believe this season is basically down to hoping for a wildcard spot in a very crowded NFC.

As a result, I’m kind of hoping the Lions don’t buy or sell. I don’t think we should allocate future picks on a team that is currently struggling and I don’t think the Lions really have anyone worth selling that would help them in the long run. Quinn has done a great job with contracts, so it’s not like the Lions are buried by any massive contracts on average players.

The only 2 that come to mind are Flowers and Stafford but man…I view them as part of the Lions core and don’t really want to see either go. I also don’t think any teams would pay the same for Flowers that the Lions did.