Kool-Aid McKinstry has a Jones fracture in right foot, won't work out at Combine

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Sounds like our kinda draft pick


That’ll hurt his draft stock …

Probably drop him down to us and we draft another alabama bro coming off injury

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This is great news for us! Really hope he drops to us. Jones fractures aren’t that big of deal and he will be ready for training camp. Fingers crossed he makes it to 29

Hes a lion.

Made for lions pick

  1. Wears #1 at Alabama
  2. Blue kool aid is the best
  3. Position of need

Jones fractures aint nothing compared to a Burleson fracture.


I heard he injured himself while smashing through a brick wall and yelling, “Oh Yeah”. That does seem like behavior Dan would be fond of.


Security cam caught the accident:

man prevails GIF


Hungry Food GIF by Papa John’s

Keep an eye on Kyree Jackson’s 40 time, you can’t teach 6’4, they really missed him in the PAC title game. If you get him later you candy address something else in the first. If we can’t get Mitchell in the first, which I doubt we can, I think seconds better personally.

Hopefully he did draft prep for the Date of Birth drill to get that number down.

Jackson with a disappointing 4.5 flat.

Mitchel 4.33!

Yup bone broken into 8 wedge shaped pieces

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Or a Fauria fracture. Let’s he doesn’t go diving after falling pizzas while driving or chasing puppies down steps

Or a Griese fracture

well if you’re diving after pizza the injury is sure to be Griese