Kurt Warner on the Detroit Lions. Holy Cow

Normally when people say “we should be” my is okay that’s great but that’s not reality we find ourselves in. Well Kurt Warner said some really interesting stuff that made me go “oh wait…okay”


I would love to see this team dominate a whole game once in a while. It’s hard to win in this league, but just have a blowout every once in a while would be great. It seems every win is down to the wire.

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We absolutely should’ve lost that Chargers game. I do believe we outplayed the other four teams but the Chargers definitely outplayed us. Flrtunately they also out-Lioned us

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I disagree , we did what we needed to do, not what we were capable of had it been necessary to take risks to score more…
It almost bite us in the ass with the game management and “smart low risk football strategy” but I believe we are the better more talented team.

The NFL said there is no truth in Kurt Warner’s take on the Lions





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See, I feel like Chargers fans are all calling us whiners, cause of the couple of crap calls that went against them in our game. Regardless, this is a good team. But it’s likely being “good” won’t matter in the end.

I totally agree that we are a better team than the Chargers. I still feel like in the same way we blew the KC game, SD blew that game against.

My point being that you kind of have to cherry pick to get to 5-0 but we probably have played like a 4-1 team

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I can’t live this post enough. Lmao.

The Lions played the LAC and everyone else physically and tough. That physicality has caused fumbles and dropped passes all season. I think they earned that win.

The Cardinals game came down to conditioning. The heat got to our defense. I read an article from ARZ and they quoted several players who said the Lions defense was gasping for air in the 4th Quarter.

The lack of a run game is what’s hurting this team the most. It’s causing our defense to wear down and it’s hurting our ability to close out games by eating the clock on the ground.


Here is an on air personality for NFL Network agreeing with Kurt. Makes a good point about finishing.

They definitely earned the win against the Chargers and the earned the lost against the Chiefs. To me those situations are quite similar as a careless fumble at the goal line was the difference.

It doesn’t matter anyway. I just think it’s a bit disingenuous to say that we should be 5-0. We could be. But we’ve had some breaks in out wins too.

Warner doubled down on tv just now. Apparently Detroit is one of 3 teams (pats, 49er’s) to have a 4th quarter lead in every game they have played this year…”lions gotta learn to finish”