Kwesi Adofo-Mensah: Sometimes you have to take swings for great players

Dallas Turner’s NFL Draft fall, explained

WalterFootball’s Charlie Campbell hinted Thursday that medical concerns could result in a fall for Turner.

“Some franchises had some medical issues come back on Turner, which could lead him to going lower than the consensus has been during the pre-draft process,” Campbell wrote, foreshadowing the slide Turner endured in the first round.

Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings: Dallas Turner, DE, Alabama – C Grade

I don’t like that the Vikings are surrendering third- and fourth-round picks next year to move up just six spots. Dallas Turner may seem like a great value to some, but there are teams that flagged him medically, which is why he has fallen so far. I get the need, and Turner is a great talent, but there’s high risk with this pick.

Kwesi, keeping swinging baby.

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The Lions gave up two first round picks to move up for a player who barely played his first 18 months

I don’t hate GMs going after players they want.

That’s not accurate. By most metrics, the Lions gave up No. 66 overall to move up.

Traded Nos. 32, 34, and 66 for Nos. 12 and 46.

If one considers they may very well have drafted the same player at 34 as they did at 46, then it was basically 32 and 66 for 12 overall.


Lions only gave up a 3rd round pick.

The deal did include a swap of 2nd round picks… to allow the Lions to swap for the higher 1st round pick.



I know what they gave up*

The point is they went after a player they wanted and everyone celebrated it. Not sure why anyone would ridicule Kwesi for doing the same.

*and no, you cannot say they would have gotten the same player. I can just as easily claim they would have drafted Pickens and Ebiketie and Martin Emerson with those picks and won a Super Bowl

Well, you were dead wrong about the Lions giving up 2 1st Rd picks and now you’re butthurt because someone called you out on it.

There were post draft indications that Holmes would have picked Paschal at No. 34 overall had the trade not been made, so yes, I can say that because he would have been available to select.

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I would love that too lol

But he traded away their
2,3,4, 5 this year

2,3,4 next year

All they got left is a 4th this year and a 1st next year and then like 6th/7th round picks

@kwesiboyd57 @stephenboyd57

That’s what we want.

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Quarterback especially is a big-swing position.

Outside of bare-assed luck, it’s a top-third of the first round position to fill, and you can’t win without the right guy there.

I think Queasy’s Wall Street background shows as he churns and burns without much net gain, and I’m not really a fan. That being said, Krazy K isn’t wrong about the need to make a decisive move for the most important position in the sport.

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Kwesi getting JJ is interesting. We all knew they were going QB early… kinda hate that the Mich star is now a Viking. Went from one MSU qb to a Mich QB


JJ McCarthy doesn’t scare me as a Lions fan. He strikes me as an Alex Smith level QB. I’d argue that Hendon Hooker was/is better.

I sure hope you’re right. JJ does seem raw and that he needs development but he’s got some impressive traits you can’t teach.

I think that he sits a year, stand by that.

Dalla Turner is a good add, cant lie thats a nice pick, but no day 2 picks this year and next year plus no fourth

they will get the comp 3rd next year but these two picks are incredibly crucial, espically JJ. If he Busts, Vikings are in some deeeep trouble

it’s not that… it’s the deals he makes combined with the players he goes after.

LOVE trading with kwesi!!!