Kwesi, Oh, Kwesi, Let's Make Deal

"Dear Kwesi,

I see that Vikings writer Alec Lewis at The Athletic mocked QB Bo Nix to you at #30OA. You traded with the Ravens for an unspecified return. Why, Kwesi, why?

Aren’t we buddies? We have history, we’ve broken convention together by trading within our division. I’m hurt that I had to read it rather than hear it from you first.

But since it’s not official, we should talk because, though we are one slot higher at #29OA, perhaps we can give you a more, um, favorable deal when, er, viewed in a certain light. You know we only want the best for our NFC North brother.

Transactionally Yours,


So for #29OA, how much should Brad squeeze from Easy Kwesi? Should the fall of the draft make that a viable option, of course.

You know, Kwesi may actually believe he got the better of Holmes on the different trades. He may just have that kind of personality.

So, whatever floats Brad’s boat! For a QB late in the first, I’m thinking Minnesota’s first in 2025, their 2024 2nd, and some combo of extras this year and next. And then let the Villain cook!

LOL - Niiice!

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Ohhhh, he did…‘wink, wink’

Love Kwesi

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