Kyle Pitts WR

If he was listed like that, would it change how you felt about him? Because that’s what he is, really, a big WR a la Mike Evans or Colston. I’m not advocating for us drafting him by any stretch - pretty sure there’d be a riot in here - but he was just listed as the #3 overall prospect on Daniel Jeremiah’s board.

No … he’s a heck of a receiving TE but I’m not convinced he’s better than Fant was. Fant is bigger and faster. Fant ran 4.50 forty.

Pitts is expected to run close to a 4.7 40 time.

Think of it this way. He’s smaller and slower than Ebron too.

I think he will find plenty of NFL success. But I do not think he’s worthy of a top 15 pick. But I also don’t believe in taking TE’s in the top half of round one either.

I see the projections in the mid 4.6s and you’re right, that’s probably too slow to go high. That said, those same sites predicted Noah Fant to run in the mid 4.6s, if Pitts does what Fant did he’ll make it up. Also Larry Fitzgerald ran a 4.63 and I see him and Pitts as similar prospects.

I think teams will look to keep hanging the TE tag on him, because monetarily, TE’s cost about half the price on the open market. I’m not that high on Pitts, personally, but I would like to see the Lions run a lot more 12 personnel, and make it their base offensive set. My idea was to go after Cook or Everett in free agency and draft someone in the mid rounds to go with Hockenson and Hunter. I just think 12 personnel helps both a running game and a new QB so much, and it puts less pressure on trying to replace our entire receiving corps in one offseason.

Everywhere I see Pitts listed at 6’6"-246lbs, Ebron is 6’4"-245lbs.


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Mike Evans is actually a pretty good comp

So he’s an inch taller and 8lbs heavier than CJ… Will he run a 4.35? God Calvin was a freak…

No. I think Pitts is an upper 4.4 guy though.

And it wasn’t even in his own shoes IIRC

Yup, he wasn’t planning on running so he didn’t have his own shoes with him.

Pitts is just a big receiver. His blocking is quite possibly the worst I’ve seen.

Yeah, the best comp for Pitts is Jimmy Graham imo.