Lambo Time

Assuming Packers win and Hawks lose, it’s game on!
In reality next week would be a PO game for both teams. Win and move on, lose and go home.
This is year 2 of a massive rebuild!! I don’t have the words to describe the job Brad, Dan & Co. have done in 2 years!!!


To all of those that took the over on the Lion’s 6.5 at Vegas, congratulations & great call! Shame on me for telling people to take the 6.5 under.

He won’t win it, but Dan Campbell definitely top 3 for Coach of the Year


Sadly, I will now voice my concerns since losing to the Panthers…

Seahawks losing either of these last two games is slim…

I hope the jets come back and win but ….


Am I the only one who was expecting a thread like this?

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Obviously I was.

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Ya i am thinking it wont matter for us as i am not sure baker will pull it off next week… but this team has grown a lot and every game matters. I really dont want them to flex the game to the night slot and have a situation where our guys find out we can no longer make the playoffs, dont want to watch that…

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