LaPorta Injury Update After MRI

We’re stacking wins! We haven’t lost 2 games in a row, all season.
Winners play to win!


The Lions were picked to win the division in the preseason. There was no reason why any of our starters should have played any regular season games at all.


Injuries happen. If goff was playing LaPorta was playing. LaPorta may only miss a week or two. We still have weapons.

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I do think this seems relevant

Also, missing LaPorta sucks, but the team is relatively healthy. Hell they even got McNeil and CJGJ back for the playoffs. If the Lions need every single member of the team 100% healthy or else they can’t win a home playoff game in the wild card round - how serious of a contender are they?


Opinions vary wildly. I saw a doctor say last night on YouTube that he could play next week, with limitations.
It wasn’t his doctor, to be clear.

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They went on a tear last year with no Hock.
Brock Wright is very serviceable when healthy.
James Mitchell was expected to be a star, waiting to heal from his college injury.
He’s healed and we have seen him flash.
Let’s just be thankful for Sam that he won’t spend the off-season and part of next season rehabbing.

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Could you tell from the comments whether he slept at a Holiday Inn Express?

Love it Fish, bringing the positive vibes!!

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I believe the video was posted, he included various credentials in his video… wouldnt be the first person on the internet to lie but i would expect if he has actual credentials he is at least potentially more knowledgeable than myself.

I agree with you that the positive here is that Sam will be healthy for next season.

I do think we’re overestimating James Mitchell and Brock Wright in this offense.

This offense is very dependent on motion, presnap reads, and most importantly, chemistry; the TE position is critical to how it functions. It is certainly not a “plug n’ play” offense. LaPorta’s absence will absolutely hurt us. How much it hurts us depends on how clever Ben is.


He was at least wearing scrubs and very much looked the part of a dodgy south Florida doctor giving out injury/gambling advice online for free.

I bet he can also get you a good deal on a medical marijuana card…

And by the way, that was my biggest issue with LaPorta playing. I see LaPorta functioning similar to how a Ragnow does in this offense. So much happens in both the run game and the passing game involving TE. I get that Dan made a decision and we have to live with it, but BEFORE the game, if you had asked ‘Who do you rest, if anyone, on offense?’ I’d have been torn between Ragnow, LaPorta, and Goff.

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We need this guy …


I was thinking the same thing, but for a different reason.

If the Lions lost a WR, they have plenty of other options.

If the Lions lost anyone other than Ragnow, they’d probably be ok.

If the Lions lost a RB, they have another high quality starter.

But if the Lions lost LaPorta, there’s really no next man up. Brock Wright has proven a bottom of a roster level player and James Mitchell is totally unproven.

The drop off from LaPorta to the next man up is greater than any other position on offense.

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Sewell would be pretty bad imo

Again though, the decision hinged on Goff. Once Goff played they weren’t sitting guys.


Winners play to win.
End of story.


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