Mother of God: LaPorta has "outside shot" to play Sunday night^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

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bruh if he plays…

i havent seen an injury look so bad, then be back in a week since Giannis in the 2021 nba finals.


considering the way his knee bent that way, I figured it might be just a sprain but holy crap back for this sunday?

I dunno if I’d press that one.


If it’s just a pain tolerance thing, and there isn’t a risk of further injury because of it, my money says he plays.


He also did say Leaf is also in the same boat but “a little further away”

so atleast it looks like if we make it past the wildcard, they both are most likely back for the divisonal (Laporta at minimum is ready, Leaf a lil longer)

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pain tolerance?

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If we are talking pain tolerance only, dude is playing


Yea! That was incredible. Gumbi legged!

How about us against the Jags last year.
I thought Da Problem shredded every ligament in his leg and he was back in seemingly immediately.


Right but torn ligaments mean a far longer recovery time. It sucks he probably wont play in the playoffs this year but he also wont miss a chunk of the season next year from it.

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That made me laugh out loud–in a positive way

Well ■■■■ me running sideways …


If he plays, you’re posting video of yourself being hair-waxed for yesterday’s outbursts.

I mean MCDC is old school so I guess his players are also.

“Yeah, just shoot it up with some that good stuff and LFG”…

And for some cold water …

I also wonder if Dan is saying this for the ears in LA that are listening.

Having LaPorta would be huge. I immediately worry about how Washington completely derailed RGIII’s career by having him play through a knee injury that went from moderate to catastrophic. If the docs clear him though I imagine he’ll want to get on the field even as a decoy.

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To me, the great news here is that it’s not so serious as to preclude his playing in these playoffs, if we go far enough, much less mess w/his offseason. But as for Sunday, it’s shouldn’t just be can he play? but can he play effectively? If the injury compromises his ability to plant, block, cut, and run at a high level, just sit this one out.

I remind folks that our Lions were top-5 offense last year w/out Sam. In fact, they were higher-ranked last year in most respects. Sam is awesome. I look forward to his return. But let’s not act like the Lions can’t score points without him.


Not sure how he can play Sunday, Isn’t our game on Saturday ?

Agreed, I definitely don’t want him out there trying make cuts or grapple with anyone if his knee is compromised. You can’t risk his future like that.

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Sunday night