Mother of God: LaPorta has "outside shot" to play Sunday night

It’s Sunday at 8:00pm.

Wow - but I was just told very emphatically that there was no way he’d play.

Oh I’ve reading Saturday night I thought.

Nana nana boo boo!:rofl:

You all missed an amazing opportunity …

I just watched the press conference. Dan said they would know in 48 hours, but he really left me with the impression that LaPorta didnt really suffer anything serious. He even went as far to say that Leaf could play too, but LaPorta has a better chance.

Unless things go wrong in the next 48 hours, he’s playin

Lol maybe , I’m still trying to figure out when we play, I thought someone said Lions rams 8 pm sat and Packers Dallas late game Sunday.

Actually, I’d be interested in seeing that even if he doesn’t play.

Also, don’t expect him to play this week. We all want to think about the here and now but Campbell is a big picture kind of guy so I think they’ll be cautious with this for the sake of his long term health.

Staley said the exact same thing last year when Mike Williams got injured in week 18. This is just coach speak and means nothing.

Sorry but LaPorta isn’t suiting up. Time to play Skipper 50+% of the snaps and play power football which is exactly what the Lions should be doing if they want to win .

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Ok got were 815 Sunday and Miami and KC sat at 815. That should be a good one also.

“Name something @bignatty might say.”

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Slap a brace on that knee, give him the good painkillers, and let him rip!

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Yeah, I’m an addict, too.
9 years sober by the grace of God.
Narco isn’t the answer.

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He’s going to play IMO.

Dude is a total warrior.

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Give yourself some credit for having a strong will, my friend!


Even just having him out there for the threat of what he brings would be beneficial.

If this guy can swim

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I’m confused. There were so many that based on their non-medical degree and vast experience with these type of injuries, that we could book it—ACL/MCL.

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