LaPorta the best TE in the nfl?

I saw a clip from the Chris Long podcast and he asked the other guests on the show “is Sam LaPorta the best TE in the league right now?” All said yes. I saw Gronk said something similar recently. This is a wild.


I love LaPorta, but to the best in the league, you have to do it more than one year. His 10 TDs is impressive and he had a hell of a year.


Yeah Gronk was a big fan of Sam from the start.

Said he’d be an all pro


Kittle had 1020 yards, 15.7 ypc, on 65 receptions, plus 6 TDs.

He was justifiably named the First Team All Pro.

Kelce had a down season for him, but still very productive.

Sam’s up there, but best?


Not sure about the Kittle’s & Kelce’s, but LaPorta did a great job in our blocking scheme as well a having a great year receiving. I’d guess Gronk took this into consideration.

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We haven’t seen the ceiling for Sam yet so I guess from that perspective maybe you can make that claim. I wouldn’t, but I get it.


If talking about 2023 only, then yes, he was the best TE in the NFL this year.

He needs to do it for another year to be considered the best though.

He deserves to be listed at the top. What a group of young TEs lately: LaPorta, Kincaid, McBride, Otton, Musgrave, Kraft…loaded!

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Both the Long brothers think that he is. Kyle felt quite certain of it.

If he’s not, he just served notice that he will be.
Might as well just give it to him. Only the unspeakable can prevent it.

He’s at least earned the right to be in the conversation after his rookie season at a position with a steep learning curve. Near the top as a recieving threat already, and maybe a better blocker than the others in the conversation? Superstar.

I’m a fan of his overall demeanor too. I saw a clip recently, I think it was from a Senior Bowl or draft interview, or something like that. Either way he seems incredibly smart, and articulate as hell. Not of shred of that obnoxious TE energy. Basically the opposite of Gronk and Kelce.

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He as had a great start to his career but it is way to early to say best in the league. I wouldn’t trade him for any other Tight End because of his age and start. I just need to see him over the next 2-3 years duplicate this production or hopefully exceed them.

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Here’s how incredible LaPorta is.

If he’s piqued and this is all we can expect from him for the rest of his career.

10 TDs, nearly 900 yards would give him nearly as many yards and even more TDs than Tony Gonzalez had over his career (and as many TDs as Gronk had in his).

And THAT’S IF his production doesn’t grow at all past his rookie year. LaPorta is @#$% incredible.

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He’s already in the top 5 as a rookie.

He can and will get even better

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Top 3? Sure. Best? Probably 3rd.

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Yor folks are drinking the Campbell coolaid.

Sounds like you’ve just been drinking.

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Of course I have, we started the party early out here!!

Is ass swimming an official Olympic event?

Name me a TE that blocks and catches as good as LaPorta and I will consider taking him out of 1.

Kelce - please he is looking for a corner to block
Hock - the next block he throws will be his first
Kittle - better at blocking but still a pass catcher

And then no one else in the league to really discuss.

Sam is a throw back type in how well he plays his position.