Last play

Why didn’t the refs review the last play when Jones got tackled?

That’s kind of a weird quirk about the challenge, right? Since we have one shouldn’t we be able to force the challenge. I know the rules say otherwise but it only seems fair.

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We couldn’t with no timeouts, but the refs review plays last 2 minutes anyway. I’m also not sure why there wasn’t a PI on the non TD for Golladay. Couldn’t they see it was PI, when the reviewed it. I’m confused with What is PI now.

There were at least 3 times KC made contact with our WR without playing the ball prior to it getting there that effected the outcome.

The PHI/GB games was bad too, but it was both ways.

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I don’t believe you can anyway within two minutes. Entirely the league’s discretion.

As for the call you are speaking of. I agree it was quite egregious. The fact that the contact happened away from the play on the ball makes it especially so

In fact I know you can’t which seems kind of odd to me. NFL replay rules are going to be fluid for a while in all likelihood.

That early first half challenge was silly. Hope MP learns from that

Yes it was for a inch. Jones was pissed btw