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This mock is based upon Draft Network. I realize some of these guys may not be there at the Lions pick, but you never know. The first 2 picks are obvious, I love Greenard in 3rd round, he has game and I think he is flexible enough to play on or off the line Edge or LB. The rest of the picks are great value.

Give me Winfield over Delpit and I love our secondary. As much as I like that I do believe we should get an OT this year and two WR’s. Johnson is a steal in this scenario, but highly unlikely. The key in any draft is which positions do the Lions feel they can get a steal in later rounds. In this scenario they wait a long time to address RB and never address OT. I would see OT as the most likely pick at the top of the 2nd round and only if the Lions get an additional pick can they afford to go Safety or RB.

Greenard kind of reminds me of Trent Cole. I do think that he’ll be able to rush the passer in the pros. Not sure he’s more than part of a rotation but I’m still okay with that value in round 3.

Would love those first 2 picks …Okudah & Delpit are stud’s . Delpit’s missed tackles are of concern but the positives far out weigh the negatives . Going Safety rd#2 without aquiring extra picks in a trade down is a luxury at this point …I also do not think Delpit will be available at #35

From draft network, felt like it was a good mix of BPA, offense and defense. Obviously lots of different opinions on our first pick, i’m sticking with Brown until someone convinces me Patricia knows how to use Simmons in our defense. Obviously trade down is preferred.

Derek Brown

Denzel Mims

Kyle Dugger, S Lenoir-Rhyne

Ezra Cleveland, OTBoise State

Jabari Zuniga, EDGE Florida

A.J. Dillon, RB
Boston College

Michael Pittman Jr., WR USC