Lawrence has surgery on his non-throwing shoulder. In a vacuum, no biggie. But

Personally, I am glad that Lions aren’t picking 1st. The Jags at this point are pretty much compelled to pick Lawrence, regardless of any red flags or doubts they see between now and draft day.

Upon clicking on the article about the successful surgery, I saw the accompanying video of his pro-day. I didn’t realize that he is so slight, out of pads. Does he have the body type to be a successful qb in today’s NFL? Also, Labrum tears are the kind of soft tissue injury that could end up being chronic.

Who knows, it may workout, but since he is considered the most sure thing since Andrew Luck, (ironically) only a very brave GM/Coach would be able to pass on him.

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Personally I like Lawrence but I don’t think Wilson is all that far behind him. Meyer had mentioned that he felt Wilson was a 1OA candidate. (Smoke maybe) So you have to wonder hmmmm.

It also wouldn’t shock me if Jones is drafted a lot higher than the mocks and media think.

I have a feeling that we will have trade offers from teams interested in QB’s and OT’s.


He’s 6’-6" and will fill out. He’s the whole package and outside of a horrendous injury, his future is limitless.

I’m late to the discussion but it does look like a pretty steep dropoff after Wilson, looking at vision, timing and accuracy. Still, I can’t imagine anyone passing on sunshine.

This is a severe red flag, Damaged goods - I think it should drop him down to about 7.
Seriously, agree that its Lawrence-Wilson (gap), Fields, Lance, (small gap), Jones (very large gap), anyone else (Trask?)

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Anyone that wouldn’t pick T-Law @ 1OA is either A…incredibly stupid…or B…just spouting out garbage to troll.

He has everything you could ever want in a QB. He is as can’t miss as a QB prospect can be.

Wilson is good. Fields is good.

Neither are the prospect Lawrence is. Anyone saying anything different needs to slow their roll.

I don’t know. Without Chris Doyle there to strengthen him up, don’t you think all is lost?

Lawrence is the best QB prospect since Bo Callahan!!

I think Trevor once retweeted something and Doyle liked it. That association is too close for comfort and should be a huge character red flag for Lawrence. I’d stay clear and go get someone else if I were the Jags. :laughing:

I just have this feeling that Urban is going to be disaster in the NFL. How many years before he just quits for health reasons again? I put the over/under at 2.5 years.

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Lawrence is in great physical shape. He is 21 years old. I don’t think you can expect him to be Hulk Hogan.

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Well that would be half the NFL. They are closer ranked than you think. Let’s look at their 2020 stats … yes I know stats don’t tell the full story but … look at them.

Lawrence had 3153 Passing 69.2% comp percentage a 169 QB rating. He averaged 9.4 yrds a pass and threw 24 TDS to 5 ints. Lawrence ran the ball for 203 yrds and 8 TD’s averaging 3yrds per carry.

Wilson had 3692 passing yrds, 73.5% comp percentage, a 196 QB rating. He average 11 yrds a pass and threw 33 tds to just 3 ints. Wilson ran the ball for 254 yards and 10 TD’s averaging 3.6 yrds per carry.

Wilson out performed him in every measurable statistical category.

Fields is very athletically gifted and more boom or bust than Lawrence and Wilson are in my opinion.

I like Lawrence and I do expect him to go 1OA but I think Wilson is the second QB taken possibly at 2OA. Lawrence comes from a more proven program and a better team than Wilson does. He also had a better surrounding cast… He has a more proven track record and played tougher opponents too. That’s why I think he should be the first QB taken.

But … I do think Meyers was serious when he said that Wilson was in consideration for the 1OA pick.

Lawrence has a 7 1/2 foot wingspan holy fuck. Didn’t know that. Seems Allen and Roethlisberger are big too but that jumped off the page to me as an NBA measurement. Maybe Im not informed on the topic related to NFL though

I swam at the Clemson pool for awhile and saw him get off a bus and cross right in front of my car (I was stopped at a light). I think if you could design a QB, he’d be close. You could tell he was athletically gifted just by his walk. I think he covered about five yards per step.

Trevor Lawrence had shoulder surgery inside a vacuum? That sounds incredibly unsanitary. Hopefully it was an Oreck.

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Haha that’s some real insider knowledge there. I’m going to start scouting people on my daily walks now. I’ll have weekly updates for you.

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Lawrence has all the physical skills plus he has the leadership skills that any great QB has. There is little question he is going #1.

While I do think Meyer will likely take Lawrence I do not think it’s the slam dunk many think it is. Meyer has even said this much.

Read this thread and the links provided in it… There are plenty out there who think Wilson is a better choice at 1OA. As more people come out and endorse Wilson I think you will see more Mocks following suit and more Mocks moving Mac Jones up their boards too.