LB, Safeties look awful

I just posted the last five rankings. The overwhelming majority of the time you need a good offense and a good defense to win a Super Bowl in the current iteration of the league. That includes the Bucs. 2015-16 was the last outlier.

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I said I see what you are saying.

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Watch Tavai on this play.


wow one play an you want him as rookie of year I saw other rookies on other teams out shine Parson who I Liked at lot.

They guy i wanted had we trade down is playing more an playing better than Parson.But then i remembered its preseason… Zaven Collins…check him out

Assuming this is the play you are speaking of then I think your description is generous IMO.

He blitzes the A gap and the center actually handles him decently well but needed to pass him off to the left guard. Hence the stunting DT blows up the play.

Parsons play speed is breathtaking though. Zero doubt about that.

I would read that closer if I were you. I didn’t say ‘I want him as rookie of the year’. I’ve also been loosely following his training camp hype and pre-season games

I said I wonder if we will regret not picking him and it would be typical Lions luck if Sewell struggled and was benched while Parsons took DROY

This is starting to remind me of other years I speculated like this. i said the same about drafting Pettigrew when Mack was on the board.

And upset about taking Dizon when Campbell was on the board

Seems many Lions fans here rally behind the pick and excoriate the other possibilities. I remember on Mlive Nost defending the Dizon pick and talking down Campbell and virtually the entire Mlive board thinking Pettigrew would be a TE god while dismissing any opinion that Mack would have been a better pick

I won’t even get into Donald and Ebron. haha

Its odd to me because as a Lions fan the draft basically has been our Super Bowl and as fans of football we should be able to follow our favorite prospects and discuss could-have should-have without people getting their tampons in a twist

Well my description isn’t as near as generous as the title of the clip you posted. I didn’t say it was ‘unreal’ haha. I just said he was playing at a high level

I admit I haven’t watched a ton of Parsons in the pre-season. In the little that I did watch, Parsons looked unsure of himself, if not lost in coverage. I’m sure he’ll improve and someday be better than Tavai in that area.

I’m reminded of Senior Bowl reports alluding to Barnes looking quick and natural in the passing drills, though I couldn’t find any video of that after the draft. I thought it might be fluff reporting because he didn’t have a lot of experience in that realm. Guess it wasn’t.

Sewell will be a monster. No worries there.

Tavai is just awful. Really really terrible.

I don’t expect Collins to be much. He played slow last year and I bet he was too heavy, because Patricia, but I’m not expecting a lot.

Barnes might be the chase guy but they are going to need a Parsons/Derrick White etc type talent to get that last LB slot topped off.

Problem is that they need 2 Safeties, maybe 3 behind them. Also, Flowers will prove out his contract or be gone. Brockers will be a year older.

They need things like WR too. Maybe a QB.

Not Enough Talent Overall

No game changers/dominators



Well, when you put it like that, maybe this will be the year that I take up crocheting…

I agree with most of what Weeze says. We definitely need home run ability on O. I’d like at least 2 more. Swift will make ppl pay, but because he is the only one that is a real threat to house it, it will be easier to key on him. We need another really good RB, and a really nice WR. Roster still needs help, for sure.

6-8 wins.
Final Answer
If Goff, Swift, or Hoch go down to injury, we may lose every game that all 3 of them don’t play in. Think of how many games we won without Golliday, last year.

Ugly stuff.

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Lost and unsure…He’s getting first string treatment so he hasn’t seen a lot of action in the preseason.

PFF though has him at the top rated run stuffing LB through preseason so far. And reports have him as a monster through camp

…sarcasm aside, anyone who can’t see he’s not already miles ahead of Tavai, in any aspect needs to get a brain scan

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A lot of whining going on, and the Lions haven’t even played a game that counts. Additionally, many of their better players are being deliberately held out in preseason…Projecting NFL Season wins/losses, based on preseason records/tape can be problematical. Quite possible Campbell deliberately put players/ran specific plays to see how the Player(s) would react in a given situation. Trying to uncover tendencies by the player(s) to promote or eliminate when the games REALLY count…

Personally, I’m looking forward to Swift running as the man in motion, back and forth on different plays, to loosen up any defense. He can act as a Flare out of the backfield or turn and run 5-10 yds. upfield in open space, dragging a LB in his direction, opening up the middle of the field for Hock on a drag route or the Sun God. Alternately, running Swift in motion and handing the ball off to either Williams, is one less LB for the RB to meet in the hole, depending on which side Swift runs to drag a LB his direction. Have I mentioned Screen Passes to Swift, yet???..

Finally, I expect Holmes to pick up a “Name”, surprise cut at WR for 2021. Likely, older vet, but who cares?, its only for 2021 on a “Show Me” contract, possibly. - GOALPOST - (RIP HOF Rod Gilbert NY Ranger Great died at age 80 on Sunday)


It’s very early. I was a Sewell thumper and anti-Parsons. Have to admit I have some concerns about being wrong here based on reports.

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What reports?

Articles, call it what you want. Google “Sewell preseasons”

But they’re just reporting what we’re saying. He had a bad first few plays week 1 and a rough week 2. Andrew Thomas took like 10 games last year before he started figuring things out.

Agreed. I’m just going on what I read here & elsewhere. They’re certainly related. My expectations were probably unrealistic out the gate.

At the very least we need to wait until the live bullets start flying in three weeks.


It’s PRE SEASON and as far as I know, we haven’t used any starters “yet”. our opponents have.