League wide cuts and cool names!

N’Keal Harry - He’s worth kicking the tires on. A 6-4 1st rounder is worth a look.

I would be very surprised if we didn’t pick up 1 cut player for our 53.

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I’ve always thought that Harry was a decent player caught in a bad situation.

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Why bother with Harry when you have Green, who has size and speed? I’d give all the reps to Antoine. Harry is perennially injured and on his way out of the league.


Sometimes guys just are not very good. Harry is not a professional WR at this point.


The problem is that he’s almost certainly a terrible NFL football player.

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How many bad situations are we talking about now? Three?

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Panthers Cut QB Jake Luton, 10 Others

August 26th, 2023 at 11:03am CST by Ben Levine

The Panthers have a few more days until they need to reduce their roster to 53 players, but the front office has already started the process. The team announced that they’ve waived the following 11 player:

We need him just for the name.


Bumper Pool is an all time great name. Up there with Park-or Meadows.

But as for players, nothing of interest there. I’m all about the Jags and Browns WR cuts

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Can you imagine what this country could save on pediatric emergency dental appointments with more robust Bumper Pool utilization?

I could see this guy bouncing around the league.

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Depends on the climate. I’d imagine he’d have more utility to Tampa than Green Bay.

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Yeah he won’t stick on many rosters.

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I just can’t escape the feeling that one of our WRs is currently on the Jags’ roster.

There is and never has been a better name than “Dick Trickle”, and NASCAR got him.


Harry Colon disagrees.


Agreed. Harry Colon and Fair Hooker are good ones as well.

Scientific Map was one of my favorite college basketball names and when it comes to baseball it’s hard to beat Wonderful Terrific Monds III (his dad Wonderful Terrific Jr. Played in the NFL as well).

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I had a boss several years ago, Richard Cox, and believe it or not he went wanted to be called Dick.

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I used to work with a guy named Dick Korn

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