How do you measure and how big a deal is one inch difference…do I have your attention :grinning:…in arm length?

How exactly is arm length measured? I found 3 different arm lengths–32 1/2, 33 1/4 and 33 3/4–attributed to Joe Thomas, when I tried comparing him to Rashawn Slater, whose pro day listed his as 33". I had always heard 32 1/2" cited most frequently for Thomas. It’s all about the film, right?

Thomas vs Slater measurables:
40) 4.92 vs 4.88

Bench) 28 vs 33

3 cone) 7.95 vs 7.48

Height) 6’6 5/8’ vs 6’4 1/4"

Weight) 311 vs 304

Would you freak with Slater at #7 and Brad Holmes drafting from a deep WR class? Would Brad get a Greg Robinson mulligan if things went terribly terribly wrong?

I have been working Lion mocks with a OT an using Slater
He can fit at ROT or ROG making OL even stronger

As far as WR there are many later I think right now we need a CB before a WR

Still a month before draft but I can see a OT taken and likely Slater at 7

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Dominic Raiola gif?

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I’m currently trying to adopt Brad Holmes so no I wouldn’t freak out.

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My queen tells me every inch matters… I’ll go with that

Keep Jared Goff away from her

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I’ve always thought it’s not the size that matters but how you use it…

But seriously, I do wonder how much of any difference in arm length makes. I mean not having T. rex arms but a difference of half an inch or an inch? Again, does your size and length matter or just how you use it?

Where’s my wife?

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Slater uses his arms well. Well, he prevents penetration so maybe he doesn’t. I’m metaphorically confused now.

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Oh look, Kevin Wills.

How in the hell did he get 12000 rebounds with a wingspan shorter than his heigth?

Dude was chiseled, that’s how.

Zach Zenner to OT - problem solved!

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I haven’t seen Slaters actual measurements yet but it is rumored that Slater is below the desired threshold in both Height and arm length.

Arm length and height matter for OL. More so for OT’s than they do for IOL. But it does matter a lot when you get to the NFL.

When an OT engages a DL. He presses him away from his chest. If he has enough length he can keep him pressed away and better control the block. Shorter arms on an OT allows the defender to get inside and beat him on a more regular basis. Longer arms helps the OL to box out defenders.

Then there’s the leverage factor. Reach matters for OL the same way it matters for boxers. It gives them a huge match-up advantage.

Height matters for the same reasons and it also helps a lot in gaining leverage on the defenders. Without proper leverage weight and strength advantages mean far less.

Height and arm length do matter. However it’s meaningless if the players doesn’t understand how to use it to his advantage.

The NFL has a set height, weight and arm length size that is desired. If a players is below these thresholds he will be at a disadvantage more often than not. Few players can overcome these disadvantages on a regular basis. So it does matter more than people think it does.


Slater seems like he’ll be a solid right tackle or an above average guard. I love the guy but no way in hell would I draft him early

Thanks, Air. I’ve always been able to understand and relate to the intricate movements, feints and parries of skill players, and been largely incurious and ignorant about the finer points of line play that makes things easier for everyone else. I don’t doubt that arm length is an asset on both sides of line play, though not the whole equation.

I found this Internet talent evaluator’s film study of Rashawn Slater interesting because the arm length/leverage/technique discussion, where Slater is praised for grabbing and pulling Chase Young’s jersey as a legitimate tactic to blunt his rush. I guess that’s not holding? Unless you wear Honolulu blue.

If Brad thinks he’s Randall McDaniel redux at guard but with positional flexibility then I’m fine with it. Not my preference but I won’t freak out.

I also think he can be a Jerrick Wills style LT and an top shelf RT but I could be mistaken.

Joe Thomas says, “Hello!!!”

Definitely not the whole equation but when he gets to the NFL and is up against guys who are good with their hands and have longer arms than him … needless to say it could be a real problem. Sometimes that forces the player inside to an OG spot. You don’t want to draft an OG in the top 15 picks.

That video touches base on what I’m saying… but that’s holding all day in the NFL … well except in Green Bay.

Unfortunately holding is often the only way OT’s with short arms can consistently beat quality athletes with long arms.

Anyway if his arm length and height are both below the threshold than I think he falls in the draft. It’s hard to overlook two strikes.