Let the Hate Flow

Ah, this magical time of year. People have looked, analyzed, statitzed, and realized how perfect their conceptualized version of the future will be. With careful reasoning, many have selected the Hill that they are prepared to die upon, and damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

Mix a whole lot of insanity, optimism, and more insanity together and what do you get? The DEN.
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We are Lions fans! We are the ardent die hards of a team that hasn’t even won a playoff game in over 30 years! This is our Super Bowl, and are we ashamed? No! Do we live in denial? Only Every stinkin Day, but so what? :person_shrugging: This is our time!

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Revel in it! Roll around in it! It’s what we have and it will soon be over. Get ready for Epic Pissing Matches, People making their Last Stand on 6th Round Rock, Cries of “This WASTED Pick” in the midst of Hallelujah :pray:. Only the Real Fans get it, so Let the Hate Flow and Have a Good Time!!!

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I live for the annual Den meltdowns during the draft; I endure the regular season just for that…


I love to hate the mock draft experts who state, with total conviction, “That guy would’ve been available in the next round.”

I wonder what the over/under is for that?


Watch out for these crazy bastards when they go to commercial when the Lions pick is in.


Thank God! I hate how long wild speculation season lasts.
I’d much rather talk about what I know and can see.

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Every stinking year, ugh!

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I do believe BH and DC seems to be changing all of this!


Friend, it’s year 1.25 of the current experiment. Let’s face it, we’re all hopeful, but we’ve all been down this road before. May the Schwartz be with you, in Caldwell we trust, what does it take to get fired around here, pad level, take the wind, wet toast offense, exPats, praying for Murray, cigar smokin hope. Yep. All but Ross without using a single name. :laughing:. Let’s hope Kneecap Biter isn’t the latest edition.


I suppose, like everything, it’s how you look at it

On the one hand, the meltdowns over a sports draft is somewhat disturbing — it’s just a sport — it means nothing in real world

On the other hand, the meltdowns can be looked at as entertaining — I have a hard time going there because it really means … your laughing AT others — not something I can take pride in

Mentally, it’s probably healthier to just laugh at the over-reactions :person_shrugging:

Can we vow, as a board, to NOT do this please? It’s kind of pathetic…

Unless we draft a 2022 version of Tavai. :crazy_face:

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Agreed, you may tilt your head like a dog after a selection, but when you look at it from their perspective, the pick will slowly make sense.


YES! I’m already at peace with whatever they do. They pick anything other than a Punter, I’m good to go.

We have top tier evaluators combined with top coaches to get the most out of the guys. Glorious combination of ass-kickery

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If I didn’t have moments when my thoughts and behaviors pressed the bounds of mental illness, I might judge them harshly. But I do have those moments. So I view the over-reactions as momentary entertainment and don’t condemn the volatile person as being anything but human and possibly drunk.

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Probably Drunk, fixed :rofl:

Seriously, with some of our past drafts, getting blitzed is the best way to watch.

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Helps the Tavai go down!

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Never been less excited for a draft tbh. Not enthralled by this class.

I’m more excited about picks 32 & 34 than I am about 2.

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I am more excited by a mile than I’ve ever been. It’s not so much because of talent (or lack thereof), but more because of the ppl doing the drafting and the direction of this organization.

IMO, shit is about to get very real.
Love Brad!
Love Dan!
Love that Dorsey is there!
Love the coordinators and assistants!
Love the Office Linebacker (first since Terry Tate, to the best of my knowledge)!
Love the culture!
Love how much they’re buying in…that commitment is going to win us games!

This is like watching the Pistons in the Corliss Williamson/Rick Carlisle days. We’re about to replace Chucky Atkins with Chauncey Billups (Goff with Willis).


“With the 2022 nd pick…The Detroit Lions Select…” (enter 30 minute commercial break) upon return, another 15 minutes before they actually announce ONE of our picks… other teams? "with the ( ) pick…The Packers select Joe Smoe , The Rams select Spud Webb , with the 33rd pick in the 2022nd NFL draft , The Minnesota Vikings select Boye Maffe , and if we are 34th? "With the 34th pick in the 2022nd NFL Draft…The Detroit Lions select (enter another 30 minute commercial break) followed up with another 15 minutes of blabber…EVERY TIME. I want to take a 12 guage to the fucking TV when this keeps happening, BUT I’m afraid I’d miss our pick !