Let's hope the 2023 Lions are like the 1987-88 Pistons

Hardened by a tough loss to move on to playing at a championship (i.e. Super Bowl winning) level in 2024.

The Lions need a “Mark Aguirre” level addition to the CB position for 2024.


Agree. Many teams face heartache before winning it all.

Michigan went to 3 playoffs before winning it all this year.

Red Wings swept by Devils in 1995 and loss to Avalanche in 1996 before back to back of 97 and 98.

2002 Pistons got swept by nets in conference finals.

Penguins lost to Red Wings in 6 before prevailing following year.

Mahomes had to lose to Brady first.

Can go on but just off top of my head in middle of the night.


Football a different animal! A couple injuries next season and this team could be at the bottom of the tank. They will have one of the toughest schedules. They will lose key pieces and coaches. I wouldn’t be shocked if we don’t make the playoffs. No way in hell I’m playing Goff 50 mil. I’d trying to swing a trade sending him to Washington

Many good examples

This was my thought as well. This feels like the game after Larry took a victory away from us in Boston. The Bad Boys ended up with two rings.

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Michigan lost to TCU

Clemson lost to Alabama

Cavaliers lost to the Warriors

Lightning lost to the Blue Jackets

Chiefs lost to the Patriots

49ers lost to the Chiefs/Rams/Eagles

And that’s just in the last 10 or so years

all of these are good examples of just losing to the better team at that time and learning from it to get better.

The lions were the better team. We came in and absolutely dominated, until we went away from what was dominating.

And then played exactly how the lions always seem to play when they have everything well in hand.

We didn’t lose to the better team. We absolutely gave them the game in absolutely same old lions comically ways.


Decent analogy about the Pistons

Started with Isaiah.
He stated that it took time to remove the losing culture of the Pistons and even then it took additions to finally get by the Celtics into the finals and eventually championships.


That’s how I feel. This team was remarkably healthy for this playoff run. The only guys missing were a back up TE and a #4 WR and a guard (who likely won’t be back anyway). People aren’t factoring that in when assuming this team will be in better shape next year. Who knows, it’s an exciting time to be a Lions fan as a whole, but damn this was one giant perfect shot they missed.

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That 3rd quarter film needs to be on a 24/7 loop on a TV in Allen Park the entire offseason.

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