Let's talk about Okudah at pick 3

I know this has already been discussed…but I keep seeing these mock drafts having us take Okudah.
While I’m on board for getting some more good CB’s, I don’t know if this position is our greatest need anymore. I’m not saying we still couldn’t use another talented CB, I’m just saying that it’s not a glaring need that we need to use our first pick on anymore.

Who here would be ok with drafting Okudah at pick 3?
Who here would lose their respective minds if we picked Okudah?

I’ve always thought that he’s too handsy, that wouldn’t play well in the NFL. Especially with the Lions. Take him in a trade down only. Still hanging on for Brown or an OT if we can’t move.

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I don’t want a CB at 3 period!

Praying for a trade down to take one cuz I’m assuming that’s gonna be the pick!

I’d much rather draft the best OT at 3 since there isn’t another DE besides Young that’s worthy of the third pick!

And I definitely want no part of Tua!

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You think Brown is worth the #3 overall pick still?

We got Danny and who knows about Hand. Feel like you can never have enough good lineman. Especially one that can clog the middle.

I want no part of a CB in the first round period.


I think I’d rather draft Kinlaw at 3 than Brown.


I’m pretty much locked into the usual suspects of Okudah, Simmons, and Brown.

As of today I’d prefer a TD to 5 and then draft Okudah. I think he’s everything you want in a CB but would have liked his 40 time to be a little quicker. He’s physical, long, and competitive as hell.

Simmons is my backup selection with Brown at 3. Subject to change lol.

I for one dont see the value at 3 for Okudah is he going to be a great player yeah I think so.Is he going to be that much better than a guy like Terrel from Clemson or the kid from Auburn (sorry dont want to attempt to spell his name) that you can get in the 2nd probably not.As far as Brown he is one of my least favorite options at 3.I would go top OL before I went with Brown or Simmons and hell Judy or Lamb would be bigger contributors right away.

Sign Logan Ryan, I do not want a CB at three. If we trade down to 6 then maybe.

When Jim Schwartz was our HC, he said that CB is the most oft-injured position in football and that you should be drafting one every year. OT’s can play for 10+ years, this is why I don’t think it’s smart to draft a CB…unless he’s Deion of course.

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What does it even mean that a CB is bad value at #3? That a roughly equivalent player can be found in the 2nd? That one had never been taken that high? That they take longer to adjust to the league and should thus be drafted later? All of the above?

Because when I look at CB value I see the defensive MVP. I see a position even Belichick is willing to shell out for, one of few. I see some of the highest-paid players in the league. I see more and more of them hitting the ground running when they enter the league.

I don’t know whether Okudah is the guy or not, but I can’t get behind CB being a position of low value. Nothing that happens in the league bears that out.


Yup - depends on who drafts him - in GB, he’d get away w/100% of it…in Detroit 0%

Brown is going to be a colossal bust. I’m sure the Lions will pick him.

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I’d like to hear why you think this.

I’d be interested to know how they’ve evaluated Brown. To me, his combine drops him to the latter half of the first round. Not that the underwear Olympics should trump his tape, it’s just that at #3OA you want as perfectly clean a prospect as possible. I’d go with Wirfs or Andrews without a trade down.

I really think there’s a solid chance Young is there at 3. As fine a prospect as he is, he’s just a better Montez Sweat. Neither Young or Sweat are prototypical LDEs. The are blind side rushers and while they can move around, it’s hard to justify taking the same guy two years in a row, especially considering their DL is their strength. I think they trade down or draft an OT to replace Trent Williams.

Note the Skins traded up to get Sweat, coughing up a 2nd rounder last year and another this year to get him at 26. That’s a big investment. And his play last year has to make them confident he’s the guy at RDE for them.

Was watching some Marlon Davidson film last night and Brown was really jumping out at me. Hard to say how it will translate but he was a real difference maker.
Don’t like the idea of taking Okudah at 3 but have become resigned to it.

I’m not saying CB isn’t important, at all, but when someone thinks DMVP CB is not the position anyone thinks of.

I can think of 2 CBs in the last 35 yrs that have won MVP. Deion and Gilmore, and I don’t think Gilmore should have won it. Christian Jones is the best defensive player in the league right now and Aaron Donald is probably the next best. MVP you think DE, LBer, and DT, as a matter of fact I can think of more S that have won it.

As to pay again the top DEs, DTs, and LBers make more.

Point being the trenches are still where the game is won and value as in highest paid, including rush LBers like Von Miller or Mack.

CB is valuable, but even the best need pressure, they can’t cover all day. Slays worst 2 yrs excluding his rookie yr have been playing man in a scheme that can’t pressure. A rook like Okudah will struggle without pressure.

We have 1 legit DT in Shelton, a 30 yr old 1 yr wonder in Williams, and little else. To make it worse Shelton plays less than 50% of the snaps. To compound it even more we have no true Jack or a DE that can generate a consistent rush opposite Flowers.

IMO. CB 2 is a need, but I don’t see it as a bigger need than the need to get pressure. I’ll take Young, Kinlaw, or Brown ahead of Okudah. All 3 can create pressure, and stop the run. On a D that couldn’t do either last yr. That would be my priority in a win now or your fired situation.


I assume you meant Chandler Jones. In what universe is Aaron Donald not the best defensive player in the league? It’s by a fairly wide margin IMO

No Chris Jones from KC. Just franchised at around 20 mill Jones is only 25, injured part of last yr and only had 9 sacks, 15.5 sacks in 18. I think he’s taking the mantle from Donald. Donald may still have the edge, but it ain’t by much. Jones is the new Donald. If he hadn’t missed 3 games may have had more than the 12 sacks Donald had last yr.