Levi Onwuzurike back at Practice

Hopefully he can get back 100% before the season. Can’t wait to see this dude. He’s going to be a nice fit.


Good Gawd, we need Swift.
He’s got some time, but this is a new situation, we have gelling to do, and there’s a whole lot of ass to kick. :wink:

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When it comes to injuries, I’m on high alert as to why Dave Granito was let go.

Campbell didn’t say much other than it wasn’t treatment of players but communication as to the reason.

Could it be something like the time it’s taking Swift or Levi to recuperate? DC thought he’d have his guys earlier or was caught off guard on their recovery plans?

Or maybe Granito didn’t communicate with the players to understand their issues causing them to linger/continue?

Total speculation but I’m guessing it’s something to do with all the minor injuries and/or does Levi have something permanent that will prevent him from living up to his potential.


Maybe the guy was just a really good BSer

“Yea…that guy pulled his…whatsit…duodenum. No…hangnail…NO hamstring. That’s it. Pfew. I was way off.”


Yeah, you know there’s a problem when he holds a guy out for a sprained cervix.


Maybe all he knew how to say was, “Read the report”.

Injury info has been horrible for a long time and some injuries just s lingered and lingered beyond any reason to withhold information you could imagine. So we oft wondered if they were imagined.

He was a hold over from patrica… his time was numbered and shocked he still had a job to begin with

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word is he saying in his office all day playing cards on the computer and arguing with other Patriots fans on the football forum

When a player approached him about a potential injury he tossed a tube of Been Gay at them and told them to ‘deal with it Nancy’

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That’s awesome.

I need tonuse the word duodenum more often.

HOF level underrated word.

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that’s my go to condition when people ask how I am. “eh…I’m ok but I pulled my duodenum”


Only when you’re lonely though.

daffy duck masturbation GIF

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“Been Gay”? Isn’t that the most effective course of treatment in conversion therapy?


I’m so not going to make a sophomoric Aaron Rodgers joke right now.


Had a buddy in college named Ben Gay (for real).
Also, the biggest online hater I’ve ever had was a kid from my childhood whose real name was Richard Weed…yuuup…Never once did I fault him for his displaced anger.


And I won’t laugh.

We’re both good people.

i have a friend named Woody Johnson. He said his parents knew what they were doing and thought it was funny.

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I’m in no position to laugh at peoples’ names, as the surname in my handle is accurate.

And, no shitting, my wife’s name is Amanda and my mom’s name is Sharon.


Love it! (see what I did there)?
Especially love sharin’ love - I do the same!

We’ve got your back, bro. Anyone makes fun of your family, we’ll bring Chuck Norris to whip their ass & Fox to kick 'em in the nuts!

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Are you kidding? You’d have to be deranged not to laugh at Amanda Love or Sharon Love. That’s good, clean fun right there.

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I am ABSOLUTLEY deranged, especially by societal standards. :wink:

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