Linebacker corps

If Jared Davis becomes a halfway decent football player then Dan deserves coach of the year based on that alone!


Agreed. Davis will get better under this staff. How much better? I could totally see him becoming a highly competent starter. I’m 50/50 on it.

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I’m not a league wide LB expert, but it should be pretty easy for us to pick up a cut from a team that is loaded, and improve upon our situation.

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Found an article from the SB featuring Winfrey and Jones. I think I’d be happy with either of these guys at 32, if Davis and Wyatt are gone. The PFF sim grades Winfrey in the 89’s and grades the pick there as an F (not that I put much stock in that. Just fun to note)

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Jones 47 tackles
6.5 tfl
4.5 sacks
7 qb hurries


Love the violence he shows up with in that video too. That sort of shit rubs off on the entire team, when guys bring that level of effort. So good.

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I read a similar article but it said they were done signing FA linebackers. Nothing about the draft.

I’m in the same boat. the defense is what let the team down. I’m going to give the offense a mild pass from all the injuries to skills position players and having the absolutely wrong OC to start the season.

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I still think the Lions grab a Will linebacker type at 32 or 34. The Lions just don’t have the speed for that position. We seem to have options at MLB and SLB, with what we already have.

We’re not adding Jordan Davis, that need was taken care of last year with McNeil and Onwuzurike. DE, FS/SS and WLB are our biggest needs.

We shall see. I feel a need to MASSIVELY upgrade the DL, no matter if it’s technically “a need” or not.

Some don’t think we “need” a QB, but my opinion is that if we got an absolute top QB, it would be the single best upgrade we could make in terms of wins/losses…even though we have flat out holes at S and LB.

I’m an “upgrade the team” guy far more than a “fill a need” guy.

IMO, Brockers is gonna retire soon. Should we wait for that, before we replace him?
I’m okay if we have some dudes that dont look the typical part. McNeil was billed as a dude that had some position versatility, same with Levi. I think adding depth, flexibility, talent and tenacity is a good thing.

IMO, he’s a playmaker that could help us a ton.
IMO, he’s nowhere near his ceiling.

Truthfully, just where he’s projected to get picked, I don’t think we end up getting him. I’m gonna start referring to this phenomenon as “getting J-Willed.”

We’re gonna get J-Willed on Jordan and Willis both this year.

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Maybe with McNeil, but not so much with Onwuzurike. Levi and Jordan Davis are very different players.

I feel the same way. Sure the safety and linebacker positions both look bare right now, but I think/hope it’s to keep flexibility for the draft. If the board doesn’t fall right, I assume they’ll go back to the remaining FA to add to the roster. You don’t want to be drafting for need so early in a rebuild.

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YES! Also - if you can, you very specifically cherry pick needs through FA/trade, once the team is mostly built. Cherry pick game-changers as need be. For now, upgrade the roster as much as you can with each pick/move.

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What’s wrong with our linebacker corps?

I’ll give you the quick summary: Everything.


Below average.
Barnes → Raw AF, and young. Currently untrustworthy with upside.
Anzalone → is who he is. Serviceable starter if those around him are good enough to compensate. Dude is smart and a good leader though.
Davis → I actually have hope for him. If he can even flirt with his potential, the dude could be a solid-to-good starter. Thing is, he hasn’t been so far. 100% faith in coaches. if he can be saved, they’ll save him.

Best way to improve the LBs this year is to improve the DL and keep them clean, while limiting the amount of time they have to cover, as well as reads they have to make. Create a DL that makes it look like a hand grenade went off in the pocket…total chaos up front.


Aside from letting our best one (JRM) go for peanuts, letting many future stars in last years draft slip through our hands to get people like Onwuzurike (sp), drafting people like Tavai, and hoping retreads like Anzalone and Davis will suddenly become good, oh nothing.

I fully support this!!! I think that’s MC/DC’s goal as well. We have a solid o-line, now we need a solid D-line. Control the trenches and you got a shot against any team. Last year we got pushed around on defense, that can’t happen again if we want to improve.

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Which guy is a good option at MLB? We need a difference maker here.

Yes, we need a Lloyd or a Muma. to pair with him. Either would look good in a Lions uni.

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