Lion Free Agents I would Really Like Us to Sign

Jalen Reeves-Maybin

Charles Harris

Alex Anzalone

Tracy Walker

Kalif Raymond

I would hope on 3 year deals since all are 27 or 28 years old
Most of the rest of are Free agents are ERFA or RFA
So we can control easy for at least another year.

I would hope they don’t over pay any of them. Continue the build with draft an couple young FA .


We need to lock up every O-lineman that started last Sunday! Your offense starts in the trenches.
These backups are killin’ it.
We have an O-line and a run game. You can build an Offense around that!

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Yeah, should probably add Evan Brown to that list.


Your reading to much, these players are backups at best and really we need so much talent that we’re starting from an empty cupboard.


I would not have pegged Tracy Walker as a must re-sign at the start of the year, but he’s played his way to a nice contract.


Agreed on the OP as well the line. A number of our backups have been worth keeping. I can’t even remember when I thought that about our team.

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Well, we can hope that beyond Walker these guys will be re-signed to be backups. Anal Zone was signed to start here but really need him to be a backup or rotation guy next year, Harris the same. he really just needs to be like Jokwara a rotation guy who goes balls out for 18-25 plays max.

Tebowdough, Rokwara, Harris and Jokwara as edge rushers would make for real trouble as long as Brockers/Alim/Levi/Strong do their jobs too. I mean the secondary still bites ta that point, but Walker as Robin to someone really awesome as a FAs Batman could get us a decent 3 level effort here.

I can get on board with all of those, minus Anzalone. That guy has been garbage

Or, brilliant. Depends on the moment.

Run it all back. Number one pick in 2023. Bryce Young

He has been one of the better D players an really has played very well after Collins was let go…Take another look far from garbage.


The players i name are UDFA who i think they should resign…Brown the back up Center is RFA so we will have him another season 25 Free Agency: 2022 (RFA)