Lionel Gets the SUIT!

The NFC North’s Reaction to Week 4 - YouTube

Waited a L-O-N-G time for THIS!!!..Lionel, you wear it well !!!.. :sunglasses:

REF, NOW reports to Lionel !!..No more BS calls !!


Bears and Vikings don’t have anything on us as far as losing goes, and we ain’t won nothing yet.
But I bet those don’t sit well with Packer faithfuls. LOL

I think he must lurk on this board.


Great as usual! I don’t think the refs will actually ‘work for us’ yet… we are not in the Rodgers/Mahomes/Brady tier. But it sure is fun to be ‘in the chair!’

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Why is he shooting these in what appears to be a sparsely decorated rust belt old suburb flip house air b&b that is normally rented to crank out low budget C+ talent pornos???

Oh, wait…that’s his house?

He has some skills, but this is some bootleg comedy dvd action as compared to Annie Agar’s TikTok level glitzy fastcut hard bites…

I think I actually shed a tear…

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I’ve considered making the bootleg Annie Agar comparison, but left it alone. His whole-league Annie knock-off is unwatchable to me. (sorry all)

That said, I love the mafia-themed NFC North family skits he’s doing. None of it works without working the refs into the story. The ref was in a scene a few days ago where GB says “He’s a good quarterback” in a way that the ref understands is his responsibility to see that be the outcome. That GB to Ref relationship is central to the whole thing. Good stuff and a far enough departure from what Annie does that I don’t even look at that as bootleg material. That said, GB should not have been wearing the suit after Lionel put it on. You can’t two guys wearing the same suit. So, a little post-production critique there.


It took me a minute to realize who posted this with the new (edited) Avatar


Agreed. I’m set in my ways.

I identify posters based on their avatars. I know with 100% certainty that I’ve wrongly-attributed something said by one poster to another poster with a similar-looking avatar.

Feeling Good Cooking GIF by The Bear

I wear suits now


Thank you, I said image as te avatar word failed me when I posted that.
Now editing

“Clean it up.”

I was kind of hoping he would reject the Suit and just pull up a plate of kneecaps.

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This is one of my very favorite movies.

Capote was very Capote. What an eclectic cast…

Capote, Nancy Walker, Peter Sellers as a Charlie Chan send up, ,Peter Falk as Columbo but not Columbo-y Sam Spade David Niven as Nick and wife Nora, a young James Cromwell, Eileen Brennan, Alec Guiness as a blind Bartleby knock off, James Coco as a Poirot knockoff

Must have seen this with my family 20 times, rented a dual VHS just to make a copy back in the early 80s.

Falk- “Im always looking for suspects”.

Capote’s dressing down of the authors speech.


Sellers terrible Chinese sayings…

Guiness trying the soup…

Im not a Frenchie…IM A BELGIE!

Im not quite at the Monty Python level of line quoting for this movie. But I used to be

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