Lions +1200 to win the Super Bowl Next Year

I took the Chiefs and the 2 points for $100

Took my winnings from that and free rolled $95 on the Lions to win the Super Bowl

So free shot at $1235. Lions are tied w Cincy as 5th Favorite to Win it all behind SF, KC, Ravens and Buffalo

Go get us a Kicker and a couple key pieces Brad and let’s do this!!!
:money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:


If I could bet I’d put some money on that for sure.

Few more wins like that and can buy tickets to Lions 3rd super bowl win in a row in 2027 in LA.

Yea, better add another $500 on that and have a shot to actually buy a ticket for the next one :+1:
Good thinking :sweat_smile:

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Sh*t…$595 only pays out $7735…that wouldn’t even be enough :hot_face:

Let’s GO Lions!

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Second favorite to win the NFC behind SF

That bet pays +550

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