Lions 2021 WR's ..None .The plan at WR ... Are we drafting WR early and often?

Started to look over our Cap space earlier and it occurred to me …We do not have a single WR signed past this season …literally none .

KG should get re-upped at some point but who else … I do not see a single WR other than KG that screams lock him up .

It’s a deep WR class , lots of talent …a trade down again would make this easier to acquire two WR’s somewhat early, the idea of RB in round #2 at 35 without acquiring more picks makes getting a WR a higher priority to me anyway at that spot…

Does Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs fall to #35 , could two of them be available at #35 ?

Such a catch 22. We have our top 3 WRs in place for THIS season and Quinntricia need to win NOW, so how could they throw resources into that position group for the future, when they have so many holes elsewhere?

Here’s the good news… Other teams will be drafting a bunch of WRs in the draft and come July and cut downs, we should be able to get a good experienced veteran WR who won’t need to be taught, trained, shown how to run routes etc. Might be a better avenue for us to wait and grab a guy or 2 that gets cut, and I think there will be some very good ones available… Just gotta be patient.

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Hopefully We are trying to lock up Golladay now. It would speak volumes to him and the fans.

If we are going to prioritize, I think RB is a MUCH bigger need for this season than WR.

We currently have 3 proven WRs going into the season. It is very thin, but we still have 3 solid vets.

At RB, we have exactly ZERO proven players. RB is a very scary situation as-is.


You make some good points. But IMO we don’t need Golladay testing the market. That’s just me.

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WR is deeper than hell in the draft, no need to burn a high pick on one, Also worry about this season. who we lose next offseason means little now. IF it were my choice, I wouldn’t draft one this offseason I would rather draft a top RB so we strengthen our running and add depth in case of injuries there. IMO Defense needs to be primary focus bar none. IF we trade down and get extra picks then yeah it wouldn’t be SO horrible to draft a WR in the later rounds. added insurance-in more ways in one if we have none of our current WR’s signed for next season.

But I’m not burning too many picks on offense ; O-line and RB are it unless we end up with 8-9 picks or something. but my biggest fear is how good will this defense be in 2020? We looked like monkeys fucking footballs out there in 2019 and gained 31st rank or sum $#!7.
IF it’s even 18th, I’d take that because I’m not talking hand of God good, but for cripes’ sakes let us get pressure and cover, tackle better , let us not get burnt and owned each and every time the defense is on the field !

I wouldn’t even touch an offensive player this draft IF we didn’t absolutely have to have them , and we do.

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This has been a topic over the last year before during and after Golladay had another good year. The biggest issue in my mind is HOW MUCH is KG worth? In the deep draft class you point out, we may draft a couple of guys.

With Cooper and Jones getting $20M+ per year, do we want to just tag KG year to year if he doesn’t sign something “team-friendly”?

I think we will add at least 3 NEW guys to the WR room this year at a mixture of roles and experience and see how it shakes out. We know that Amendola is needing to groom his replacement this year and Marvin Jones can’t be counted on to play a full season. We will get a WR in RD 3-4, maybe even later that will be an impact player.

Next year we will sign an up and coming guy in FA like we did with Marvin Jones, except he will be a high upside WR2 in case KG won’t sign his tender or a team friendly extention.

Quinn and Patricia and Bevell don’t hold a high regard for high priced WR1 in FA nor high picks in the draft if you look at the historical roster construction of Seattle or New England.

If we want to splurge, Robby Anderson is still out there. Great deep speed. Might get him cheap with the deep WR class in the draft. Cheap isn’t really cheap though, he’d grab a big chunk of our remaining cap and probably make Golladay look up to the stars and wonder why he got drafted here.

Lock up Golladay and draft one on day two and possibly another day 3.


I agree on Anderson talent wise, I’ve brought him up as well …I’m not sure if he is in a better place now then he was or if it was a need to be medicated thing that is now under control. He was on a path to Titus Young status with the Jets early on …that in itself would lend pause.
I like him a a lot though as a WR and as a fit here in the Offense.

In Seattle Darrell Bevell paid Sidney Rice top of the market money as soon as he got there.

2 years later they traded a 1st round pick and paid top of the market money to Percy Harvin.

They paid Doug Baldwin too.

KG will get extended . We would lose two after him Jones an Amendola The other Hall may not even make this years roster.

The others on roster now are either RFAs or ERFAs the later have really no say they play for Lions or don’t play unless released.

So even if we add one from Draft an keep 2 from roster now we have enough. They will add during draft an UDFA also think about it this way If all the WR’s in this years draft an its loaded make a Roster there will be some WR’s released that may just work out for Lions.

There could be few signed from X league that just shut down.

It’s not that simple. Just because BQ might want him to stick around, doesn’t mean KG wants to re-sign here. It’s a 2 way street and the first few years of Kenny’s career have been personally good for him, but the losing and the atmosphere and drama might not be so attactive.

He is also a very quiet dude. Not outspoken at all. Kind of like Calvin and Barry, really. Maybe he wants to play in big games and win a ring or 2.

I mentioned this earlier and you are right. For every WR that gets drafted elsewhere, there will be probably just as many veterans cut in the summer. Some of them will probably even blow us away, because the cap comes into play as well. I’d hold on and grab a really good WR or 2 when they get cut in the summer.

No way am I spending a 1st on a WR when we don’t need to fill it for another year. 2nd round it would take one of the top guys falling. 3rd round and on, that’s where I am looking closely at WRs. Maybe even two in the draft since it is so strong at that position. Give them a year to get their feet wet, then in 2021 we resign KG and hopefully we have some young WRs ready to step up without having to panic and spend a 1st next year on a WR.

I know it’s just draftnetwork but I often find myself targeting Claypool with our later 3rd rounder and sometimes I can get Duvernay with our 5th (with AJ Dillon sandwiched in between).

…(whispers very quietly)…
ceedee lamb

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I think it’s highly doubtful that if Kenny G gets a fair offer he passes.

He’s set to make $2.1m this year and the vast majority of players will take cash for life in guaranteed millions over risking a career-ending injury. Every NFL player is one play away from being out of the league via injury.

And there seems to be zero drama on his side of the ball, a competent co-coordinator and very good QB. I doubt he has any issues as far as that stuff goes.

The Lions have cleared out the drama makers, for better or worse. I don’t think we should expect much if any going forward, barring some unforeseen incident.

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That’s true. The Lions have a lot of leverage from that stand point. Sure KG will get super rich soon, but it has to suck to sign a 2nd contract with a team that is probably/hopefully going to start over yet again after this season.

Ha, my hope is that the kick some ass this year. I see the track record, but hope springs eternal. I think there are a lot of positives over last year. Collins, Shelton and Harmon appear to be upgrades. Okudah would be an upgrade, seems like the rare CB that can come in and not look out of place, coming from a CB factory school.

They have a really good chance at adding talent where they need it the draft, and most of the guys they pick won’t have to play huge roles, most of the big holes have been plugged. A lot of room for additions, but they’ve done a good job in free agency IMO.

And there’s about a 50/50 chance Chase drops to us, I think. Wow, would that be just what the doctor ordered.

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All my mocks i try get Duvernay in rd 3 since we have the extra one now. I like him as first WR we take an he can replace Amendola an learn from him.

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My biggest issue with Duvernay has little to do with his tape and more to do with analytics. One of the biggest indicators of future success for college WRs is ‘breakout age’, meaning the earlier they established themselves as dominant -no matter the level - the better their chance to succeed in the pros. Duvernay didn’t break out until he was a senior. Is he a late-bloomer? Maybe, but betting on guys who broke out late is betting on outliers.

Duvernay was actually pretty good as a freshman. He definitely took awhile to get going in the Hermann regime. Not sure what that was about.