Lions 2023 draft picks (presently)

If the Lions could find the equivalent in 2023, this would be a pretty good haul;

6, 13, 45, 62, 77

Just to give a little perspective on those ranges, here is who was taken in those slots in the 2020 NFL draft:

No. 6 – QB Justin Herbert

No. 13 – OT Tristan Wirfs

No. 45 – S Antoine Winfield Jr.

No. 62 – RB A.J. Dillon

No. 77 – CB Michael Ojemudia

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With the way our rookies are playing recently, adding some top teir guys in this class could make a big difference.

I really hope we use our two first roundets on defense, ideally on the line and at cb.


I’ve done a bunch of drafts on the mockdraft database. Its quick and seems fairly accurate with the slotting (I mean who knows right now anyway). But I haven’t had a draft yet that I didn’t draft what I thought was going to be five or six starters.


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