Lions' 2024 Roster Bubble: Defensive Ends

Kind of a fluff, it’s that time of year, …




A big question is who will be the backup Rush End?
I think it will be like the Safety and Center position.
The backup Rush End will be a starter from another position.
I think Marcus Davenport will be the starting Big End and backup Rush End Last year the backup Rush End was John Cominsky.
This year I think when Hutch is out Davenport will move to Rush End and Paschal or any number of other identified Big Ends (Cominsky, Levi, Wingo) will come in.
Then there are the Sam LB / Pass rush Specialists such as Houston or Betts.
I am interested to see who makes the 53 out of bubble players Betts, Commish and Levi. It makes it a little easier if Reader is not ready at the final cut.

Don’t rule out Agube, Risdon was talking about how he’s the only end that can consistently get off the block besides Hutch. He said if he had to pick 53 players today, Agude would make the team.


I’ve heard good things about Agude so far but don’t know enough to make that leap yet.
I believe he is in the crowded Sam LB group with Betts and Houston behind Barnes. Seems like a Practice Squad player to start the season unless there are injuries.
Agude and Betts will have a hard time making the final 53 because they are less likely to get claimed and loyalty to Houston, Commish and Levi.
Betts may be big enough to play some Rush End in addition to Sam LB / Pass Rush Specialist so that could aid his cause.

This is what i got for the front 6/7
Blue Lock
Green Bubble
Yellow, low chance

Im assuming too the lions will keep 16 total on the 53


Houston should be bubbled.

Not a chance.
Like i said they typically keep 16 front 6/7 guys.

Find me 4 guys that arnt locks that are clearly better

I think Levi, Commish, Agude, Betts, Niemann and Peko could all make a case for being on the roster. I personally think JH will be on the roster, but I don’t think he’s a lock given last year’s campaign. And I’m not sure he’s as versatile as the Lions would like.

I also wonder if they go with 15 on the front 6/7 and go with an extra OL given the raw prospects they’ll have to keep on the roster for poaching protection.

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The way the coaches were talking in recent press briefings I think Levi is in right now and Commish, Agude, and Betts are fighting for the Rush End role behind Hutch.
The tie would go to Commish because he is under contract, loyalty, and trust. Agude would probably be next because of the bigger upside and longer time in the system.
Betts has a lot to overcome as a 29 year old rookie on his last shot at the NFL.
When the pads come on D-line is the best camp battle to watch.


I currently have it as
Front 7 - 16
DBs - 10

QB - 2
RB - 4
WR/TE - 9
OL - 9

Yes JH was injured last year but when healthy is the best pass rusher. Hence the lock.

Levi is often injured and when healthy has been meh.

So in my mind these guys are fighting for the last 3 spots, i cant see anyone jumping JH.
Comish, Levi, Betts, Agude, Niemann, Peko, Smith, Gilbert.

And these guys cant just be good at defense they have to play a significant role on special teams

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I have told den to watch Agude last season he was claimed early of wire as LB but Lions started then to groom him as small weight DE. He is a LB. 6-5 245 he has 35 inch arms 34.7/8 for those who need to be exact. Spent whole season on PS an I would bet weights more than 245 . He has shown very well in OTAs quick an uses hand very well. I keep reminding fans don’t sleep on him as lets say the lighter DE. I like Houston but since injury he has not been same an this season he has not done much except work with trainers an thats ok make sure he is ready.
Has been best or second best in camp so far as a light rush DE. For those who think Houston is a lock you better take another look.
Hutch… Davenport … Pascal…are the locks … right now the lighter would be Betts an Agude as the lighter DE’s Last season the carried to start season 7 edge types DL an 4 inner DT. I expect them to list one of the these 3 as a LB likely Houston. Could list Betts or Agude
or list 5 LBs an 5 inner an 7 edge with Wingo as the new edge. I think Comish is serious bubble player possible trade. Many people who cover Lions are like some who play fantasy they want to hang on in case the player starts to play better again.

After looking at some more game film analysis of JH4, I think I have to recant on bubbling him. He’s not as one-dimensional as I thought.

If they go with 10 OL, is it possible for Niemann to get the 6th LB spot for special teams, with say Agude outplaying JH and Levi reaching his full potential? Yes, it’s possible. But even if there’s a 50/50 chance of each scenario happening (the most generous odds), that’s only a 12% chance of JH getting squeezed. It’s much less likely, I think, given his actual production.

I do wonder about keeping only 9 OL. There are two rookies to protect, who you will probably keep inactive on game day. That leaves OL game day depth rather weak IMO. Are 2 guys enough to protect the OL on game day?

The coaches have openly stated that they plan to keep 8 O-lineman active on game day. Depending on how fast (or slow) Mahogany (and Manu) develops, Holmes could be forced to keep 10 O-linemen. If Mahogany does well then they only need to keep 9 (5 starters, Skipper, Sorsdal, Mahogany and Manu) with Manu being the scratch every week…

And if Mahog isn’t ready?

If Mahogany isn’t ready then you have to keep 10 O-linemen and add Awisoka. Manu and Mahogany will take up roster spots if until ready.

I know they were giving a few of the depth players some love over the past couple weeks, but this seems pretty cut-and-dried to me.

I agree in general:
I think Davenport starts at Big End with Paschal behind him.
Cominsky continues as Backup Rush End.
Barnes is the Starting Sam with Houston behind him.
Betts and Agude can play Sam or Rush End.

You may be right on Barnes starting over Houston at SAM. I have him parked on my depth chart still as on off-ball LB.

Commish is a Big End for the Lions if he’s anything.

I can’t put Davenport there. I can put him at LDE in 4-down looks, but I can’t call him Big End in the sense that he’s going to be playing a bunch of 4i.

I’m not getting caught up in titles as much as where they play.
Commish was the primary backup for Hutch at Rush End last season when he was getting a blow.
Commish’s value is that he can play all 4 D-Line positions (NT in passing situations).
Davenport was brought in to start opposite Hutch and will get every opportunity if he can stay healthy. He will likely move to Rush End as the primary backup when Hutch is out and Paschal would be the Big End.
Betts and Agude can both play the Rush End and Sam LB and are threatening Commish because they are better pass rushers and all the other players that can play DT and Big End (Levi, Wingo, Paschal), diminishing the value of his versatility.

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