Lions 3 game win streaks

Then a Loss vs Buffalo
Then a Loss @ Carolina
Then a Loss vs Seattle

Is the trilogy trilogy complete? Orrr

ATL, @GB, Car all 3 should be Wins… Then a Loss @ Tampa in the heat?

@Balt, LV MNF, @LAC after bye… then we play Chicago

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Imagine if we start 1-4 or 1-5. Again. holy craphole.

We won’t 2-3 at worst. 2-4 is very much possible though.

I got us at 4-1 on the road to Tampa

That might be one of them hot shit road games like Carolina last year

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Gotta take at least 2 out of 3. None of those teams scare me. Ridder? Love? Young?

We gotta be able to beat those level of QB’s. All 3 have very little nfl experience. If AG can’t stop those guys, then I really don’t know where to go from there.


I have a bad feeling our defense gives up over 450 yards in 2 of 3 of these games, we go 1-2.
Then everyone blames the injuries instead of putting the blame on AG where it belongs

Would it surprise me!? Heck, no. But I sure hope you are wrong.

Where in the hell is the pressure on the qb! Dline needs sacks!


Atlanta is WAY better than people here give them credit for.

At home they are yes

On the road they are shit

Look it up I’m serious it’s bad

It’ll be a Washington 2022 style beat down this Sunday. Before we go mop up GB 4 days later

Then a long break, we will be ready this time for FTPanthers

FTPackers and FTPanthers back to back nice

4-1. Lock :lock:

Max bets

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Yea but that was last year. Running games travel and Robinson is the real deal.
Lions better stop the run or it’s going to be a long day

Shutup, I’m going to the Tampa game.

I’d love it if this were to come to pass.

Maybe I’ll meet you there and we can stop the streak
@CasanovaJack1 is always down for a road trip

Sorry guys but our next loss isn’t until the end of December @ Dallas.


That’s a tough December stretch I’d be great with 3-2 there

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