Lions’ Aaron Glenn points to year-over-year improvement in defending his defense


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The run defense has been significantly better this year. Went from like 30th in the nfl last year to 5th.

However the lack of pass rush and coverage remains a real issue.


The defense is significantly better year over year. The recent trend is what freaks people out.


This reminds me of the interview with Matt Millen, when he couldn’t figure out why the Fans thought he was doing a poor job.

With the final 4 games:

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Hate to say it but I really think there is a significant lack of talent on the defense.


Run defense gets better when they don’t have to run against you to move the ball at will.


We went from being worried that we would have to play against a good QB, to being worried that we have to play against any Qb.


Haha some truth to that for sure.

There’s a few pieces still missing.

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100% that’s part of it.

But guys running wide open week after week against same concept isn’t just a talent deficit


only in the front 4/5.

The LB are good…potentially awesome, while the DBs will look significantly better once we get pressure.

I’m telling you…one or 2 guys up front and we are in business. It’s not like the entire defense is lacking…it is that not all holes are created equally

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Biiig difference between having a weak CB & having zero pass rush from missing 2 guys up front (3, this week).


It’s no secret that if we had better DBs AG would prefer to play man and be more aggressive up front.


Yep. Last 6 games is not a good trend. Id love to see some improvement this week.

Aaron Glenn tried to defend his defense but his defense of his defense was as bad as his defense


Last week was an improvement over the prior weeks IMO. At least we put together one really excellent half of defensive football.

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I just don’t see it with this guy. Even the “leader of men” mantra seems to be more myth/folklore then actual truth and results. His defenses have been ranked in ppg…

2021 - 31st

2022 - 28th

2023 - 23rd (to be continued)

So despite massive roster turnover on defense the improvements are minimal and many pkayers seem to be stagnant in improvement or even regressed.

Glenn’s comments should be…“I’m not doing enough”, “we have to find ways to be better”. Not piggyback off the offense and claim his defense is making big improvements when the reality they’ve improved not to the extent they should. Whatever "it"is…this dude just doesn’t have it in my opinion.


How would you even quantify the “leader of men” element enough to say whether it was legit or myth/folklore?

I think most all of us could care less what he says. We just want better performance then we’ve seen recently.

I don’t know if you are an advanced stat guy but we are up to 10th in defensive DVOA. IIRC we were 29th or so last year so that is a big improvement.


DVOA or not…I don’t see this defense as anywhere near top 10. Nevermind the fact they’ve had a fairly easy schedule and a offense that is excellent in ball control and giving the defense breaks. And the PPG allowed reflect that the defense doesn’t do a good job of preventing opponents from scoring regardless of PFF, DVOA, advanced stats or whatever metric. And that trend is 3 years running.

I’ll put it simply…

Would I want Ben Johnson on the Rams? Hell yes!

Would I want Dan Campbell? For sure! Don’t love him but I like him.

Would I want Aronn Glenn on my team coaching staff? Absolutely the ■■■■ not.

THis is a crap excuse, every DC in the league would love to have great corners and great DE’s so they could play man. But guess what, they don’t so they adjust and scheme to the strengths they have.

Something we miss having

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