Lions add a WR

3 of his first 4 years in the league he turned an average of 50 targets into an average of 400 plus yards and 4 plus tds per year. Surely not a world beater, but I don’t hate this.

I’d love…

Amon Ra
J Polk
T Smith
A Green

As our depth. I’m not sure there is a draft spot in round 2 where I like more players than WR.

Do I see CBs in late 2 that I think would be instant starters? Possible… DTs? Depends who falls, but I like the early 3 DTs as much as late 2….

I don’t know if I like the late 2’s at OG more than Jackson or Glasgow?

Reynolds likely won’t take less here than Raymond got, likely will want 6-7M per? DPJ will likely want at least 3M

I’d rather actually fix WR2/3 and use the $$$ to fix OG, and keep the continuity

Call me crazy, but I would like to give him some reps at CB during spring mini camp and see what happens. A strong benchmark for having the athleticism for Corner is a sub 7 3-cone. You never know. At 6’ 2" with long arms, he could make a heck of a prevent defense guy to stick back on Hail Mary’s if nothing else.

Not playing special teams hurts value when you are trying to cling to the bottom of the roster as a fringe player. A bit of unorthodox versatility would definitely help the cause.

They’re your evaluations so you can line them up however you want, but for me personally, we have to bake in the reality that we are going to be wrong. You, me, everyone else on this board.

There WILL BE some OGs, DTs, CBs, edges, etc… drafted at our spot in the 2nd or later who become good/great players. Brad is much better at finding those players than we are, hopefully he keeps that up.

So while it’s fine to believe WR is the position to draft in the 2nd round, to base our offseason moves around this assumption is unwise imo. Brad is unlikely to see it the same way as you or I, and even if he did there could be a run on WR, or a surprise faller like Branch.

Tre’Quan Smith should come into the draft as no more than our 8-12th WR. If he earns that 5th spot in training camp, so be it. But I wouldn’t expect him to be anything more than roster fodder, and I certainly wouldn’t use his signing as a basis for any roster moves going forward.

If I told you that Tre’Quan has apparently changed his name to Tom Kennedy Smith would that bump him up the depth chart a few spots?

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Nah, it would only ensure his spot on the practice squad for the next six years. His spot on the depth chart would depend entirely on the injuries ahead of him.

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Just a count update.
45 Signed.
24 UFA
7 Draft Picks
And ~ $63M in cap space

He gives staff leverage for with Josh an DPJ If staff look at them as #4 #5 WR then they make offer an if they want more they more on. Smith has enough experience to fill a 5 or 6 spot in WR room.

They will make offer an will move on. Josh is happy with Lions an he was having hard time after he left Rams sticking we claimed him.Titans released him an we claimed. He left Rams or was released . He liked being settled I expect he stays if Lions want him an with slight raise. If it was me i would attempt to sign Peoples first.

Saint, Jamo, DPJ, Leaf, A.Green

If we resign DPJ and Josh Reynolds I doubt we draft a WR

Gotta be 1 or the other IMO

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What i was saying he is fall back if we don’\t sign either on Josh or Peoples could both be gone if they ask for to much.

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Part of me is leaning towards no wr in the draft

We got our core back as well as the same OC

Just focused on getting better as a whole

Serious question.

How can a 6 year nfl vet who is 28 years old sign a futures contract!?

I gotta be missing something here.

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Never mind, that’s a Back to the Futures contract.

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