Lions add RB to PS—Wes Hills

No point in trying to read Quinn’s mind.
Sure do wish we could’ve kept Gardner

Hills body type and running style reminds me of Kerryon. He’s a high-cut, long-legged glider.

I like the revolving carousel BQ has at RB. He has cycled numerous RBs through the practice squad to get a closer look and give them exposure to the offense. If any injuries strike, we’ve got a Rolodex of guys with different skill sets that could be signed to the active roster.

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I really liked Hills in the run-up to the draft, he won MVP of either the all-america game or the east-west shrine and it won him an invite to the Senior Bowl, where he looked really good on his first few runs before getting hit with a high ankle sprain. I saw enough to think he had something to him, anyway.

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In all of my years watching Slippery Rock he’s probably my favorite player to come out of there