Lions apparently getting some calls about the No. 3 overall pick

Ian Rapoport

One team to watch during the NFL Draft is the #Lions: At No. 3, I’m told they’ve had discussions with teams about potentially moving back from their slot and that teams wanting to move up have been receptive. As it maps out possibilities, Detroit is always an intriguing team.


Reading between the lines here, sounds to me like BQ be worried at the lack of interest in #3. So he calls Ian Rapoport and says “other teams have been “receptive” to trading up with us”, thus stoking the rumor mill to drum up business. Anything could happen really. We might not get a single offer. Or we could get a big one.

Regardless, what luck the Lions have!! The one year they would’ve been in the draft catbird’s seat, and Tua fractures his hip. Then a global pandemic shuts the world down. Can’t make this up. Seriously


I don’t think the Lions are his source. Unlike Millen who made the mistake of broadcasting who he was interested in (Steve Hutchinson and Shaun Alexander are two that come to mind), the ex-Pats run a tight ship.

That may be true, but you must admit it’s a whole different game to anonymize a claim there’s hot action for your pick, than to ignorantly spout off about the players you genuinely like.


The only teams that would want to trade up with the Lions would likely be teams that want to leap the Giants, likely for an offensive lineman. I think that’s the Lions greatest hope of trading down at this point.

If anyone is desperate for a QB they might trade with the Giants to land one ahead of the Dolphins, but I don’t see why they’d jump up to #3 for it.

Almost every major mock had Lions pegged to draft Hockenson and Davis prior to the draft, and there was even rumors that Ragnow could be the #1 pick right before the draft. So i’m not sure the ship is all that tight.


I doubt there are any tradeups that high in the draft for an OL. Too many good OL to move up for one.

And the reason you don’t trade up to 4 to get ahead of the Dolphins is because they Dolphins can trade up to 3 to get ahead of you.

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Ragnow was a surprise pick. Almost everyone had an DL or an OG going to the Lions.

Justin Rogers:

Harold Landry

Dave Birkett:

  1. Detroit Lions: LB Rashaan Evans, Alabama: The Lions have needs all over the defensive line, but the way this draft breaks, there’s not a player worth taking on the board. I believe the Lions would like to trade down and acquire more picks. I also believe Harold Landry or Da’Ron Payne would be the pick if they’re on the board. But they’re not, and Evans is. He can play weakside or middle linebacker, he’s an excellent blitzer, he comes from an Alabama system that should allow him to compete early and Matt Patricia loves him some linebackers.

Nate Atkins/Kyle Meineke:

20. Detroit Lions

Kyle: Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
I’ve said it from the beginning, and nothing I’ve seen or heard has swayed my thinking. Barring a fall from a special player at another position, I believe the Lions will take the best front seven player left on the board. They just have too many needs across their front, with Haloti Ngata gone and Ezekiel Ansah playing on the franchise tag, and little behind them. And this draft is lean at those positions. If you want a difference-maker, it’d behoove you to do it early.

The way my board breaks, Payne and DE Marcus Davenport are the best defensive linemen still available. Knowing how much Bob Quinn values dependability in a first-round pick – which is why he took Jarrad Davis over Reuben Foster last year, a move that’s already paying off – Payne makes more sense. There’s little risk in his game. Almost everyone agrees he is a plug-and-play starter. He might be the best interior run defender in this draft right now. He didn’t do much as a pass rusher at Alabama, although that’s not uncommon because of the Alabama scheme. Davenport probably has the higher ceiling, but Payne is a safe, immediate upgrade. Just how Bob Quinn likes 'em.

Nate: Taven Bryan, DL, Florida
I’ve pegged Bob Quinn’s picks in the first correctly in each of his first two years, but the options and the way the board is shaping up make this year’s more difficult. If Harold Landry is available here, I think that is the pick as I have mocked since we started these things in February. If he’s gone, as we both have in these mocks, I think the Lions will aggressively try to trade down.

For this spot, the decision between Taven Bryan and Da’Ron Payne will be a tough one. But as much as the Patriots liked the cogs in the middle, they also loved positional versatility up front. Detroit has needs at defensive tackle and defensive end, but more so at end, and more so at pass rusher, and that’ll expand if Ezekiel Ansah leaves in a year.

So here, they take a player who addresses a little of all of that. Bryan has the size and strength to play a five-technique role much like he did at Florida at times. He showed at the combine that he has an unbelievable burst to rush the passer, which he’ll do at the defensive tackle spot in a four-man front. His background as a Wyoming kid who trained with a retired Navy SEAL, plus as a piece in Florida’s defense, will endear him to the Lions coaches and the culture they’re trying to build.

From Detroit’s perspective, take a look at the list of names that left the board between 10 and 19:

Those are an awful lot of prospects that have been the subject of speculation as potential fits for Detroit based on team needs, so after this run of players coming off the board, moving back a few more spots for an extra pick in the third round makes sense.

Round 1, Pick 23: EDGE Marcus Davenport (University of Texas at San Antonio)



Da’Ron Payne - DT, Alabama

In Matt Patricia’s first draft with Bob Quinn, I expect Detroit to go with another defensive player in the first round. The Lions’ offensive line was bruised and battered for most of last season, but when healthy, it can hold its own. So, Detroit goes defense here. Payne is an accomplished player who competed at the highest level in college, and he still has room to grow.

In his only mock for 2018, Mayock had Harold Landry to the Lions with Ragnow going to the Bengals:

Even Ragnow himself was surprised:

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The smoke is thick this time of year. I agree that it’s probably a drummed up rumor originated by Quinn.

This way he either:

  1. Gets teams to up their ante if they really want the #3 pick.

  2. If he isn’t able to trade down, he makes the fans think the other teams weren’t offering enough, or better yet, that he “got the guy he wanted at 3”.

My guess is that he ends up reaching at 3 for a guy who would go much lower (it’s kind of his thing) and that he sells it to the lemmings that he got his guy.

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I think your giving too much credit to BQ.

He’s never been this savvy.

I’d say it’s more likely that Rapoport is making this stuff up. I think he does that a lot.

That was certainly the case in 2019. Was not a fan of the Hockenson pick, especially considering they apparently could have traded down with the Steelers for a package that included

20th overall pick, the 52nd pick and a 2020 third-round pick. Would have rather had that than Hock.

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well “Lemmings” follow eachother no matter what, hardly a description I’d use about Den members.

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Teams don’t spend major draft capital to move into the #3 spot to draft an Olineman. It’s going to be for Tua or another QB or it isn’t going to happen.

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And then the guy decides that he is going to hurdle another player that he outweighs by 70 lbs and get a concussion. And when he comes back he says he isn’t going to stop hurdling smaller guys that he should just run over. I am guessing Quinn is going to get terrible value yet again with a high draft pick, but probably not 3rd round talent at #8 like he did last year.

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Yeah, I don’t disagree.

Right now, my money is on - “It’s not going to happen”.

Hopefully, it will.

Not even sure he got 3rd round value. I mean, what is the status of TJs ankle? Looked pretty bad. Not sure if he had surgery or what.

I don’t dislike Hockenson, but unless he turns out to be George Kittle or Travis Kelce, it was a terrible draft pick.

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A trade shouldn’t happen until after the #2 pick is made. Teams who want a player at 3 will want to make sure they’re still there ie Washington didn’t trade out to a team wanting Tua. Also I don’t trade out before incase a team does trade up with Washington for Tua and Young is there at #3.

Well he needs to be much better than them. After all, they were taken in the 3rd and 5th rounds.

I know, I’m being sarcastic, but that’s how that position should be valued. A good tight end is nice to have, but you never need to blow a top 10 pick on one. The value is just terrible for that position to take that high.


Over on the other board, I argued that until I was blue in the face.